Pepsi launches the first ever COLAogne inspired by the aromas around the grill

Smoked, COLAogne by Pepsi
Smoked, COLAogne by Pepsi / Pepsi

At the first whiff, the tempting aroma from the grill can have people salivating. Pepsi has captured that deliciousness in this first ever COLAogne, and it is Bobby Flay approved for Grills Night Out.

Over the years, Pepsi has celebrated its pop culture connection. While that classic cola beverage pairs with any and every food, it is more than just another sip of refreshment. It has been associated with music, sports events, and more.

This summer, Pepsi is the Official Beverage of “Grills Night Out.” While many people might plan the perfect outfit for that gathering or curate an impeccable menu, one aspect that cannot be overlooked, scent.

While some people avoid scented candles on the table, the reality is that a signature scent, or cologne, is important for many people’s sense of style. It is like another accessory.

For the summer, the COLAogne, “Smoke,” is more than another scented spritz. It epitomizes the satisfying combination of grilling and Pepsi.

As Jenny Danzi, Senior Director brand Pepsi said, “All summer long, Pepsi is celebrating that grilling is #BetterWithPepsi, and that every night can – and should – be a grill night. Now, we’ve invented ‘SMOKED: A Grilling-Inspired COLAogne’ with Chef Bobby Flay. The world’s first-ever COLAogne is designed to reinforce just how well grilling and Pepsi go together. You don’t even need to fire up the grill to experience the joy of Pepsi and grilling – you can bask in the unapologetically delicious scent everywhere you go."

pepsi and bobby flay cologne
SMOKED: A Grilling-Inspired COLAogne’ with Chef Bobby Flay / Pepsi

While Pepsi did not necessarily disclose the various fragrance notes in this unique cologne, it will feature what makes the beverage and grilling combination unique. From a sweetness from the caramel, brightness from a hint of citrus, and a woodiness from the grill, it will appeal to all grill masters, even the ones who might have a smoke flare up.

Although this offering might be the ultimate Father’s Day gift, it is not available to purchase in stores. But, some lucky winners can get their own bottle Better With Pepsi Grill Dad Giveaway. More information on the social media giveaway can be found online.

Additionally, select Walmart locations will be sampling the COLAogne. On Saturday, June 15, the following Garden Center locations will give fans a sniff of the fragrance.

  • 2770 W Evans Avenue, Denver, CO 80219
  • 8400 Coral Way, Miami, FL 33155
  • 2200 Wheatsheaf Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19137

Even though Smoked is not available in stores, another version can be part of the summer grilling season. Grab a Pepsi, enjoy Grills Night Out, and let that chargrilled aroma infuse the air. It might not be bottled, but it is delicious in the moment.