Pepsi brings back a tropical flavor to pair with a classic food

Pepsi Pineapple
Pepsi Pineapple / Pepsi

While everyone might be lighting up the grill this summer, there is another Pepsi food and beverage pairing that has people cheering with excitement. After the deliciousness of Little Caesars and Pineapple Pepsi combination, it is time to try a Crazy Puffs pairing.

Truthfully pineapple and pizza are a food pairing that causes many people to raise an eyebrow. While pineapple might not be the most popular pizza topping, the juicy, tropical fruit can contrast the tangy, robust flavors on a pizza.

This year, Pepsi and Little Caesars have joined forces, again. For this particular offering, it is time to skip the slice and try the Crazy Puffs pairing instead.

According to Greg Hamilton, Chief Marketing Officer, Little Caesars, “Little Caesars fans love coming in for exclusive flavors they can’t get anywhere else -- we saw that last year within the first week of releasing Pepsi Pineapple in restaurants. This summer, we’re offering customers the ultimate combo of flavor and value with our Crazy Puffs and Pepsi Pineapple deal to celebrate its triumphant return.”

Starting on July 1, customers can order a Pepsi Pineapple and Little Caesars Crazy Puffs for just $4.99. While this offer is available at participating stores, via the app and online, many people will jump at the chance to place this cost saving offer. To get the deal, use the code PINEAPPLE at check out. The special offer ends on July 14.

Thinking about this deal, it is a filling offering. The Puffs might be different from a slice, but they are quite filling. In addition, the 20oz beverage satisfies, too.

More importantly, it continues the conversation how Pepsi enhances the overall eating experience. From pizza to grilling to anything in between, there are endless food and beverage pairings.

Ready to place your order? What is your favorite Pepsi and pizza pairing?