Pepsi Wild Cherry wants a glimpse into your super wild at home celebration

While some people might be willing to roll the dice on a hefty ticket price to see an epic endzone catch, others prefer to have their own extravagant celebration at home. Pepsi Wild Cherry wants to hear about that party for one.
Pepsi Wild Cherry celebrates an epic night in
Pepsi Wild Cherry celebrates an epic night in / Pepsi

Pepsi Wild Cherry believes that a memorable, raucous, or outrageous night to remember does not require leaving the comforts of home. For those ready for a Wild Night In, the iconic beverage brand wants to help people celebrate.  

Even though the FOMO might be high during this year’s Super Bowl events, there is something to be said about stepping away from the chaos. Those people in the higher sections do not have instant replay. It is highly unlikely that anyone is going to bump into a superstar while walking to the regular seats. And, the line to the bathroom is usually much shorter at home.  

This year, Pepsi wants to celebrate those people who get their “wild on” without the need to be surrounded by crowds of people. Continuing the Wild Cherry story from its recent campaign, the beverage brand is focusing on individual, personal connections. It is time to celebrate how and where a person chooses, no pressure to conform to the crowd.  

As Todd Kaplan, CMO – brand Pepsi said, "This year's Vegas Super Bowl is shaping up to be wild, and Pepsi is going to be there every step of the way. We have a long history and presence in Las Vegas – undoubtedly the wild capital of the U.S. – so on the heels of our recently launched Pepsi Wild Cherry 'Get Wild' campaign, it made sense to amplify the incredible sights and sounds of our own brand of wild, in Vegas, modernizing our approach to reach fans through different platforms and media opportunities. Core to that strategy is the incredible creative we're developing with some of the world's biggest and most impactful creators, Zach King and Khaby Lame, and we're all thrilled to show the world, with Zach's and Khaby's help, how Pepsi is doing 'wild' in Vegas ahead of Super Bowl LVIII." 

For those people who are ready to celebrate the unexpected wild moments, Pepsi wants to toast them. Through this special giveaway, Pepsi will “reward” 58 fans in Kansas City, Las Vegas, and San Fransisco a “wild night in.” People can call Pepsi Wild Cherry Hotline at (844) 833-9215  for a chance to win the prize package.  

And for those who brave a trip to Las Vegas, the beverage brand is celebrating the idea that Vegas is better with Pepsi. From transforming the Sphere to seeing all the sites from a first time visitor, the bright lights and glam from the event dazzles.  

Everyone knows that food, experiences, and almost anything is better with Pepsi. Do you really need anything else to make for an epic celebration?