Pepsi Wild Cherry unveils a new take on embracing that wild side, interview

Pepsi Wild Cherry Wild  Side campaign
Pepsi Wild Cherry Wild Side campaign / Pepsi

Over the years, Pepsi has been the beverage brand that has found ways to capture the pop culture zeitgeist. In its latest campaign for Pepsi Wild Cherry, the wild side has a different look to being free in the moment.  

When people think about taking a walk on the wild side, the action looks different for everyone. During young, carefree days, that moment of pure abandon might involve a huge plunge, game changer, or otherwise monumental event. When people get older, that wild moment might be choosing to break into a carpool karaoke, to wear the favorite sweater from college, or maybe even dare to take the front row spin bike during that workout class.  

Even though age might bring some maturity, the fun side of life is not forgotten when the calendar page turns. That wildness just adapts, like the wardrobe that is a little more appropriate for the parent teacher conference.  

In the new Pepsi Wild Cherry campaign, “Get Wild,” the “wild” moments look a little different these days. While some people might find adulting hard, there can be some levity, if people are willing to embrace it.  

Check out this clip from one of the Pepsi Wild Cherry Get Wild commercials.  

Recently, FoodSided spoke with Jenny Danzi, Senior Marketing Director – Pepsi about the new campaign. While the humor in the scenes is apparent, another aspect might not be quite as noticeable.  

Danzi mentioned the females are not only pushing the rise in cola’s popularity, but also the spike in cherry flavored colas. This campaign not only appeals to the female audience, but it is created and led by a female team, specifically filmmaker and comedian Kate Hollowell of Epoch Films.  

When asked about the nod to the female audience, Danzi mentioned, “we are seeing a ton of upside and growth in Pepsi Wild Cherry, a growth that is being driven by millennials, and in particular millennial females. We latched onto (the idea) that millennials do not get to have fun in exactly the same way they did 10 and 15 years ago. Life happens, but they still like to have fun, they like to indulge, and they like to get a little wild. Pepsi Wild Cherry plays a role when they want to indulge.”  

Danzi went onto explain, “I really believe that if you can find a human insight that resonates with a small group, it will resonate with a broader group. That is what we are seeing with this creative. While it was developed with deep millennial empathy and built by a team that was largely led by millennial women, the creative is resonating with a popular audience. I think that there is magic in seeing that process come together.”  

As seen in the spots set to air during the NFL Wild Card Weekend, they are meant to capture every day moments where people just let go for a moment. It is about fun, it is about being relatable, and it is about celebrating that wild moment during the day. Whether it is the millennial that longs for the carefree day or the people who remember the “Pepsi Next Generation” campaign, everyone can appreciate that small indulgent, free moment where all those cares are pushed aside.  

Given that there is an underlying connection across demographics, Danzi mentioned that she believes Pepsi’s position as a forward looking brand never forgets its past. From the redesigned logo to the celebration of its 125 years, that foundation is the success that future campaigns build upon.  

From embracing the zero sugar preferences to expanding into fruit forward flavors, Pepsi holds true to one pillar that crosses every beverage on the shelf. The idea that the sweet, caramel flavor goes with any and every food is clear. From the plate of chicken wings enjoyed during the game to Friday night pizza, no matter the food on the plate, that iced, cold Pepsi will make the eating experience more enjoyable.  

In some ways, it is as much about the social experience of being together as it is about quenching that thirst. Whether it is a sip of Pepsi Wild Cherry or just the classic cola, the beverage in the blue can makes the moment more enjoyable.  

What is next for Pepsi? For now, Pepsi Wild Cherry is ready to take a walk on the wild side. Who is ready to embrace that indulgent moment?