Peri Basel stands by her management decisions on Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars, interview

Peri Basel on Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars
Peri Basel on Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars / FOX

In the third challenge of Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars Season 2, Peri Basel decided to step into a leadership role. While she manages million-dollar businesses, wrangling the different personalities on Team Vanderpump was more complex. After her elimination, Peri spoke with FoodSided about her approach to the challenge and why she stands behind her decisions.

Reality competitions are often just a glimpse into the stressful, arduous, and sometimes chaotic experience that happens during filming. While it would be impossible for the FOX to air the hours and hours of film, the reality is that the contestants on these shows appreciate that the exposure offered is worth the effort.

For Peri Basel, she knew going into Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars that her approach might be different from the other contestants. As she said, “I’m 65, which means that I could be on the cover of Entrepreneur and AARP.” While she was competing against others less than half her age, Peri hoped that her wisdom and maturity would be an asset in the competition.

As FOX viewers saw in the first episodes, Peri tried to be the voice of reason. She admitted that she is not the one running the social media accounts for her business because the person she hired is better equipped to handle that task. She said, “what I do is I put people in their places where they can succeed.” In her world, she focuses on management and allowing the people in their roles to showcase their talents.  

That concept is what Peri tried to employ in Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars. While Peri admitted that she was never a helicopter mom in her personal life, she felt that the different team demographics created some barriers. For the people who often had a strong guiding hand over everything that they did, the hands-off managing approach was not as successful.

Peri Basel on Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars Season 2
Peri Basel on Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars Season 2 / FOX

Peri Basel believes that this reason is why her team lost on Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars

While both teams struggled in the cooking demo/recipe challenge, Peri believes that her management style was not the reason why Team Vanderpump lost. She said, “we didn’t lose the competition because of my leadership. We lost because the pineapple and shrimp recipe took too long to make.” That idea might not have been showcased in the episode, but Peri stands by her opinion.

Team Vanderpump might have been encouraged to go big, lean into the over the top, or otherwise try to make a striking impression, but Peri saw her role differently. Even though she admitted that shrimp and Fourth of July would not have been her preference, she focused on what her overall gameplan was. Peri said, “my game was to let people shine and do and do what they do best.”

Although Peri was eliminated early in the season, she always stayed true to her vision. Even if the team had personality conflicts, Peri knew that she wanted to be above the fray. It might not have been flashy, but it is who she is, a professional entrepreneur with years of experience. She never wanted to, nor did she, deviate from that concept. There is something to be said about staying true to herself.

Peri may not have received ample screen time for her innovative business BOĆE, but even the limited exposure can benefit her company but also inspire other women entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams. Winning the competition is not the only prize to be had.

When asked what advice that she would give aspiring women entrepreneurs, Peri said, “you need to look at the big picture. To be successful you have to juggle it all.” From social media trends to day-to-day business, “you have to be cognizant of all the pieces.” That concept has evolved quickly over the past several years. Since it is impossible to be everything to everyone, the strong, confident manager needs to trust that she has the right people, in the right roles, to get the job done.

While her time on Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars is over, Peri Basel’s company BOĆE is on the precipice of greatness. With a multitude of applications across the beverage world, the innovative, scientifically advanced product, and concept, is definitely a game changer. And, the food and beverage industry needs more forward thinkers to drive the conversation forward.

Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars airs new episodes every Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on FOX. Episodes can be streamed on Hulu.

Peri Basel is co-owner of BOĆE. The brand sells coasters which use scientific principles to enhance beverage flavor.