Pizza Hut adds Chicago Tavern Style Pizza and three new permanent toppings

New Pizza Hut Tavern Style Pizza
New Pizza Hut Tavern Style Pizza / Pizza Hut

The phrase, no one out pizzas the hut, takes on new meaning with two big menu additions. Starting today, Pizza Hut Chicago Tavern Style Pizza and three new toppings join the menu. The new food options stretch the connection between a touch of nostalgia and a desire to modernize the menu.

Over the years, Pizza Hut has pushed the flavor envelope with pizza innovations. From plant-based toppings to crust innovations, the traditional hand-tossed dough has many other options baking alongside it.

As many quick service restaurants expand their menus, pizza brands want to raise their food profile, too. Whether it is capturing a new audience or encouraging the consummate fan to alter their traditional order, the new offerings turn that weekly order into something more than just another dinner.

Speaking about the new Pizza Hut menu items, Rachel Antalek, Chief Food Innovation Officer at Pizza Hut said, These menu additions represent a bold step forward as part of our culinary mission to bring our guests modern innovation that embraces what we know our customers are loving and looking for in a pizza. Tavern is not just a pizza; it is a culinary trend that reflects the excitement of today’s pizza scene. We perfected these recipes to truly pay homage to Chicago and the hundred- year-old style in a modern way while pushing the boundaries of what's possible in a pizza with fresh new toppings and flavors.”

Pizza Hut Chicago Tavern Style Pizzas
Two new Pizza Hut Chicago Tavern Style Pizzas / Pizza Hut

What makes the Pizza Hut Chicago Tavern Style Pizza different?

While Pizza Hut might have had the Edge a few years ago, the Chicago Tavern Style Pizza is a different offering. It is the total opposite of a deep dish. The thin, crispy, pizza was often served in bars. Cut into little squares, the pizza is perfect for snacking and sharing. That pizza at the table or at the bar made for a great pairing with a beer.

The key component with this style of pizza is the texture. While the toppings go from edge to edge, it is the cracker like crust texture that makes it easy to eat piece after piece. Before anyone realizes, the pizza is gone, and it is time to order another one.

To launch the Chicago Tavern Style Pizza, Pizza Hut adds Chicken Sausage, Pesto Swirl and Spicy Sauce as permanent menu items. While these ingredients are featured on the new pizza style, they can be enjoyed on other pizza offerings as well.

The four Chicago Tavern Style Pizzas are: Pesto Margherita Tavern Pizza, The Ultimate Tavern Pizza, Spicy Chicken Sausage Tavern Pizza, and Double Pepperoni Tavern Pizza. While everyone will have a favorite, the flavor innovation will have people buying one of each.

The Pesto Margherita Tavern Pizza is an option that is not often featured on a quick service restaurant menu. This option lends itself to snacking. The pesto is garlic forward, but it is not overpowering. Overall, it hits the sweet, salty, and savory notes in a balanced way.  

For the heartiest option, the Ultimate Tavern Pizza is a must try. Piled high with sausage, pepperoni, fire roasted peppers, onions, grape tomatoes and parmesan-oregano seasoning, it proves that a thin, crispy crust can hold a lot of toppings.

The Spicy Chicken Sausage Pizza might be the most creative offering. It spicy marinara with sweet, caramelized onions offers a lovely contrast. With the chicken sausage, it feels almost like a play on bbq chicken pizza but without that smoky sauce.

All the Pizza Hut Chicago Tavern Style Pizza offerings and new toppings are available at restaurants nationwide. A large pizza has a suggested retail price of $12. Check with local restaurants for exact pricing.