Pizza Hut flavor innovations kick off 2024 with a bold menu addition

Pizza Hut Hot Honey Pizza and Hot Honey Chicken Wings return
Pizza Hut Hot Honey Pizza and Hot Honey Chicken Wings return / Pizza Hut

Whether it is a Friday night tradition or a special celebratory meal, Pizza Hut has been that favorite food in people’s lives. To start 2024, a bold flavor is back on the menu, and it might be the first slice of many food trends that the restaurant brand brings to the table this year. 

Recently, Pizza Hut conducted a survey to gain some insight into people’s pizza preferences. While predicting food trends can require a little gazing into a crystal ball, understanding what consumers want is key to menu development. No one is going to combine savory and sweet ingredients if people are craving just a simple cheese topping.  

Last year, Pizza Hut launched a Hot Honey Pizza and Hot Honey Wings. The limited time, limited launch was well received. Instead of drizzling that hot honey topping once the slice arrives at the table, the quick service restaurant baked the hot honey flavor into eating experience.  

Now, the Hot Honey Pizza and Hot Honey Wings are getting a national launch. Available for a limited time, the Hot Honey Pizza and Hot Honey Wings will be available this month.  

Speaking to this menu expansion and other food trends, Rachel Antalek, Pizza Hut’s Chief Food Innovation Officer shared, “At Pizza Hut, our commitment to modernizing flavors is at the forefront of our brand identity. We lead trends and go bigger on flavor, as exemplified by the tremendous success of our Hot Honey test, which exceeded guest expectations. This bold innovation not only elevates our pizza experience but also opens up exciting opportunities to showcase our wings. Get ready for a flavor revolution that goes beyond pizza, truly embodying the spirit of Pizza Hut innovation." 

What other food trends could join the Pizza Hut flavor innovations?  

While many people will be happy to order that Hot Honey Pizza, a few other details in the Pizza Hut survey could predict future menu expansion. For example, thin crust pizza is growing in popularity.

It could be a nod to a less indulgent slice or a preference for a crispy texture. Could Pizza Hut bring back its Edge pizza? That fully topped pizza with its thin crust seems to capture this food preference.  

In addition, peppers seem to be an ingredient trend. While the sweet and spicy combination seems to be a focal point, peppers, themselves, are seeing a spike in popularity.  

If people are popping peppers, it might be time for Pizza Hut to put some peppers in the crust. What about a stuffed crust similar to a jalapeno popper? Or, what about a pepper combination pizza. Banana peppers on a pizza are an untapped food trend.  

Given that people continue to buy pizza for any and every occasion, the food’s versatility allows it to adapt almost any food trend. Even if people will never stray from pepperoni being that favorite topping, there are plenty of ways to push the flavor envelope. Maybe that weekly pizza order will be one classic pizza and one new trend, just to try it.  

For now, the Hot Honey Pizza and Hot Honey Wings are back for everyone. The pizza has a suggested starting price of $11.99 and a 6-count wings has a starting price of $5.99.