Princess Cruises Love Line Collection toasts to memorable moments around the table

Princess Cruises Love Line Collection
Princess Cruises Love Line Collection / Princess Cruises

With picturesque views surrounding the ship, travelers easily get swept away in the moment. After the fun and frivolity of the day calms and dinnertime calls, that feeling continues at the table. With the Princess Cruises Love Line Collection, the newest addition to the beverage program appeals to guests’ palate and their desire to make a connection.

Embarking on a cruise vacation comes with many adventures. Whether it is experiencing a new activity or trying a new food, some guests let the experience push them into something different. Sometimes, the cocktail glass can be the easy, approachable way to toast to life’s enjoyment.

On Princess Cruises, the hospitality team offers a wide range of food and beverage options. From the elegant Chef’s Table to a simple slice at Alfredo’s, any craving can be satisfied.

With the new Sun Princess, the cruise company sought to more fully integrate that “love cruise” concept into its beverage line. The specialty offerings in the line not only capture a sense of celebrity grandeur but also a sense of celebration. From sparkling wine to a classic cocktail, the offerings appeal to a wide range of tastes.

Included in the Princess Cruises Love Line Collection are the following: Voli 305 Vodka by Pitbull, Love Prosecco by Britto, Melorosa Sauvignon Blanc, Red Blend and Cabernet Sauvignon by Jason Aldean. As the list shows, the offering is quite diverse and pairs well with the culinary offerings on board the Sun Princess as well as other ships in the fleet.

When asked about new beverage line, Sami Kohen, Vice President of Food and Beverage at Princess Cruises offered tremendous insight regarding this development. It is more than just being wowed by the celebrity sparkle. It is the flavors and the concepts that meld into the cruise brand’s vision.

As Kohen explained, “Our Love Line Liquor Collection, crafted in collaboration with renowned celebrities Pitbull, Jason Aldean and Romero Britto, offers an unparalleled and memorable experience to the discerning tastes of our guests. We know that when our guests sail with us, they like to try new things and sipping a new wine or trying a different cocktail is appealing. We’re proud to pour the meticulously selected wines and spirits of this new Love Line Liquor Collection.”

Additionally, the libations in the line were chosen with care. Kohen shared, “As we developed the Love Line Collection, we knew we wanted to provide an exceptional selection of spirits that reflect the diverse tastes and preferences of our guests. The three offerings have options for everyone, whether you’re a cocktail aficionado or a wine connoisseur.”

“We also prioritized creating a collection that perfectly complements the variety of dining options available onboard. For example, the Love Prosecco by Britto in particular is a perfect complement to our Love by Britto dining experience aboard our newest Love Boat, Sun Princess.”

“This collection is truly a natural extension of what Princess embodies - elegance, sophistication, and something worth savoring.”

While this new offering excites the food and beverage connoisseur, it continues the sentiment that is woven into every aspect of Princess Cruises. Love is not just romantic connection. The emotion can apply to any and every experience.

Kohen believes, “The Princess experience revolves around love - there is something for everyone onboard our ships to find that they’ll absolutely love. Whether it's one of our delectable dining options, relaxing spa treatments, or one of our outstanding entertainment venues - we want all our guests to truly enjoy and love their vacation experience. This collection is no different - it’s for those who love spirits and can appreciate the various tastes.”

As guests explore these new offerings, it opens the door to many possibilities. It is more than just a neat pour or a sparkling wine in a flute.

Without disclosing an exact offering, Kohen shared, “We’re always evolving our beverage menus and crafting new ways to present interesting choices to our guests. With Love Line, we will mix the offerings with other ingredients. For example, there are a variety of beverages our mixologists make with Pitbull’s Voli 305 Vodka, from martinis to tropical drinks to classic cocktails.”

Additionally, these beverages are not limited to a specific dining destination on board. The guest can toast to the previous night’s dinner while enjoying a leisurely afternoon staring at the water.

Kohen said, “We know our guests dine and enjoy various restaurants and bars throughout their cruise vacation. For example, while guests sip the Love Prosecco by Britto while dining at Love by Britto, they may want to savor another glass on another day at a different venue onboard Sun Princess. Therefore, we wanted to make it easy for them to enjoy these beverages throughout their cruise vacation.”

Even when it is time to back their bags and return home, Princess Cruises believes that familiar brands allow guests to continue that love connection wherever they reside. As Kohen commented, “Guests love to recreate their memories from sailing with us and taking home their favorite cocktail or wine is a wonderful way to remember their cruise experience. It’s also a fun way to share it with friends and family back home and hopefully plan their next vacation with us.”

From leaving Florida on board the new Sun Princess or setting sail on another ship across the fleet, love is in the glass as much as it is in the air. Toast to the good life with a beverage from the Princess Cruises Love Line Collection.