Princess Cruises uses its culinary program to spark a flavorful love affair

Sun Princess Horizons Dining Room
Sun Princess Horizons Dining Room / Princess Cruises

While it might be the original Love Boat, Princess Cruises sets the table for a different romantic adventure. Through its robust culinary offerings, guests will swoon over the flavorful dishes presented throughout that memorable vacation.  

With cruise vacations soaring in popularity, picking one trip over another is more than deciding between impressive ports of call. Each cruise brand and its ships appeal to a particular guest. From the multi-generational iconic family vacation to the sailor who seeks to party until the wee hours, finding the right fit can require a little searching. For guests looking to be swept off their feet one plate at a time, Princess Cruises has a table waiting.  

Although today’s Princess Cruises is far different from the ship that Captain Stubing navigated, the idea of intertwining love into a vacation experience is always part of the conversation. From the long-lasting love symbolized by the wedding ring to the connection that has friends flying across the miles in a show of support, the sentiment is what makes those memories fulfill people’s lives.  

Since food can be that flavorful connector that brings people together, it is another chapter in that love story. As seen with recent innovations across the Princess Cruise line fleet, the culinary program wants to have people swooning over each and every offering.  

This concept is abundantly clear on its newest, next-generation ship, Sun Princess. While Love by Britto puts the concept front and center, the other dining options showcase how heritage, tradition, interaction, and nostalgia invite people to the people and have them hungry for more.  

For example, The Butcher’s Block by Dario, Darrio Cecchini, is more than just a carnivorous fantasy brought to life. It is a celebration of his grandmother’s recipes and a nod to food traditions. By bringing those sentiments to the robust menu selections, it opens the dining experience to a larger conversation. Whether it sharing stories of Sunday Suppers or starting a new tradition after disembarking, it is a way to spread the love around the table.  

While those intricate, robust dining experiences satisfy many guests, Princess Cruises wants to ensure that all guests, whatever their food preferences, have an option. Introducing their vegan menu ensures that inclusion.  

Even their cocktail program looks to fill the glass with any and every option. From potent potables made with favorite ingredients to mocktails with layered flavors, there are plenty of reasons to raise a toast to a fully engaged vacation experience.  

From a friendly smile to another adventure, the Princess Cruises culinary program promises something for everyone. It might be a love affair to flavor a memorable journey.