Pringles Mingles ditches the can with this new puffy, poppable snack

Pringles Mingles in Sharp White Cheddar and Ranch
Pringles Mingles in Sharp White Cheddar and Ranch / Pringles

While the Pringles can might be one of the most iconic snack containers, the new Pringles Mingles is ready to open a new way to snack. These puffy, crunchy snacks open a new take on those classic crisps flavor combinations.

Many people are particular about their snacks. From brightly colored cheese dusted snacks to salty twisted options, there is often a “go-to” preference. Those favorites can vary by flavor, texture, or just satisfying a craving.

Pringles is as much about the snack as it is about how that food is enjoyed. One year, the Big Game commercials have captured that “stuck” can moment and another time it focused on combining crisps to stack the perfect combination. These elements make Pringles unlike other options on the shelf.

Even though that shelf is full of Pringles cans, the food brand understands that innovation brings excitement. Without pushing aside that classic offering, a new, creative take on a snack can get people running to get the first taste.

With the new Pringles Mingles, there are aspects of the classic crisps, but these new snacks are unique. The light, crunchy texture combined with some familiar flavor should make this idea successful.

Speaking to the new Pringles Mingles, Mauricio Jenkins, US marketing lead for Pringles said, "Our iconic Pringles can is part of our identity — and it's not going anywhere — but we're always looking for new ways to innovate and satisfy our fans' latest cravings. This puffy, airy snack not only gives fans a new way to experience Pringles, but its easy-to-share packaging creates a new way to enjoy their favorite snack with friends and family, whether munching at home for movie night, at a party or on-the-go."

Made to look like bowties, the puffs are crispy but air-filled. By having a hallow middle, the snack feels less filling. It makes it easy to eat and keep eating. Plus that airy center can enhance the overall crunch factor.

Pringles Mingles Dill Pickle and Ranch
Pringles Mingles Dill Pickle and Ranch / Pringles

What are the new Pringles Mingles flavors?

As part of the launch, the Pringles Mingles is available in three flavors, Cheddar and Sour Cream, Sharp White Cheddar and Ranch, and Dill Pickle and Ranch. It seems that the launch uses sour cream or ranch to add a tangy flavor note. With snacks, there needs to be a taste that draws the eater to go back for another handful. In this case, it is sour cream or ranch.

The Cheddar and Sour Cream will be familiar for Pringles fans. With this version, it will be interesting to see if the cheese flavor pops. In some ways, it might be the fun way to add some texture to a mac and cheese or even a salad.

The Dill Pickle and Ranch flavor will probably be the most talked about option. Since pickle flavors continue to be trending, this option will get all the pickle lovers on board. Even though there are many types of pickle snacks, this option is unlike other choices in the snack aisle.

Lastly the White Cheddar and Ranch might be a new addition for the cheeseboard. Instead of another plain cracker or even pretzel, this snack will impress not only for its flavor but also for its playful appearance.

Given that the new Pringles Mingles are sold in bags, it makes for easy snacking. From road trips to backyard barbecues, there are plenty of places where these bags would be passed around.

The new Pringles Mingles will hit store shelves in October. More information will be available closer to the launch date.