These three purchases that spike ahead of July Fourth celebrations

Hot dogs prepared by H-E-B are ready for serving following the Lakeway 4th of July Parade.
Hot dogs prepared by H-E-B are ready for serving following the Lakeway 4th of July Parade. / Rodolfo Gonzalez/Special to Lake Travis

While the fireworks should be left to the professionals, July Fourth celebrations have food and beverage options that bring the sparkle to the event. According to Instacart, these three purchases spike before the holiday.

Instacart always offers the shopping convenience that customers crave. All that usage allows the company to share some interesting data. Since July Fourth is a huge grilling holiday, people are likely to have people over and enjoy food at home. That scenario means that they will be shopping for all the essentials.

Putting aside the hamburger versus hot dog debate or even condiment conundrum, certain food purchases spike right ahead of the summer holiday. According to Instacart, the holiday essentials are both familiar and unlikely.

According to Instacart, the top three surging food and grilling essential purchases are:  Yellow Corn (+380%), Charcoal (+222%), and Potato Salad (177%). While these three items are just the top of the list, the other top 10 food and grilling essentials included hot dog buns, baked beans, and watermelon.

While people might need charcoal for that grill, two food items are more curious. Corn is often a barbecue staple. Easy to eat and to cook, it signifies the start of summer. Even if people might not like shucking those ears, the flavor is worth the effort.

Additionally, the corn can take on all types of flavors. From a simply grilling with butter to a version of elote with cojita and spice, there are plenty of ways to make this side dish special.

The more controversial item is potato salad. Many people are quite particular about their flavor preferences. Some people love the tanginess of mustard options and others prefer the creamy mayonnaise option. Plus, there are some people who prefer the warm variety. It could be impossible for the host to accommodate every preference, but the spike in purchases could be due to buying an extra choice.

In general, the Instacart buying trends for July Fourth celebrations show that people are buying food that is associated with summer fun. People want to take the opportunity to be outside, light the grill, and enjoy the moment. And, if you do not want to miss out on the fun, remember Instacart can deliver all that food, beverages, and even more.