Pure Leaf Zero Sugar Sweet Tea captures the flavor without the extras

Pure Leaf Zero Sugar Sweet Tea
Pure Leaf Zero Sugar Sweet Tea / Pure Leaf

Over the years, Pure Leaf tea has embraced the idea of saying “no.” Whether it is waiting to answer that work email or choosing to put the do not disturb notification on the phone, the willingness to know what you want and being firm in that conviction is a clear concept behind the brand. With the Pure Leaf Zero Sugar Sweet Tea, a taste of sweetness does not have to come with a spoonful of sugar.

Within the beverage space, “zero sugar” has become a necessary category. Whether or not the initial idea was a desire to rebrand a lower or no calorie option, the concept has taken over the shelf. Descriptors that may have a slightly negative conservation have been removed from the conversation. Zero is not a dirty word. Instead, it is a concept that has people seeking that designation.

Pure Zero has a robust line-up of tea beverages. From the classic tea to the fruit infused flavors, the product line is deep with choices. One item that was missing was sweet tea without the sugar.

Some regions may say “bless their heart,” but that a sweet tea does not have to have a layer of granules in the bottom of the glass. The reality is that emptying the sugar bowl into the pitcher is not the only way to add sweetness to a tea. Pure Leaf has found a way to capture that classic taste without a heaping spoonful of calories.

As seen in the video below, Pure Leaf, Emily Alyn Lind and Celeste O'Connor are diving into the "Unbelieveably Sweet Files." This humorous take on “inexplicable phenomena” has had some people conjuring their own unexplained moments. Maybe it involves questioning why the ice maker is always empty in the middle of the day or it could be the question why drinking through a straw seems to make the glass empty more quickly. Many of life’s everyday moments can have people scratching their heads, but sipping on Pure Leaf Zero Sugar Sweet Tea is not one of them.

As the first offering in the Pure Leaf Zero line, it will be interesting to see if a flavored option comes next. A Sweet Tea with lemon might be the perfect choice for a warm weather setting.

For now, it is time to focus on the flavor in the sip and enjoy the refreshment. Zero is never a bad word when that sweetness satisfies.

Pure Leaf Zero Sugar is available in stores now. Check with retailers for availability and pricing.