Red Lobster’s new shrimp flavor is a nod to a classic combination

Salt and Vinegar Shrimp
Salt and Vinegar Shrimp / Red Lobster

While Ultimate Endless Shrimp and Shrimp Your Way menus have favorite flavors that always deliver a delicious meal, Red Lobster’s new shrimp flavor takes the menu in a new direction. To start a new year with a bold choice, the popular restaurant chain shows it is ready to embark down a new path.  

The new Red Lobster shrimp flavor is Crispy Salt and Vinegar Shrimp. While fish and chips can be served with a side of vinegar for a punch of flavor, this offering puts the combination together in a new way.  

The reason why this flavor combination works is because the shrimp are crispy. The texture ensures that the tangy vinegar flavor has highs and lows in every bite. One minute more forward and the next slightly on the back end.  

The interesting choice with this new Red Lobster shrimp flavor is the ranch pairing. While a traditional tartar sauce would work, the ranch adds to the tangy quality. It is a non-traditional offering but one that could change how people serve fried shrimp.  

What new beverages pair well with the Red Lobster’s new shrimp flavor? 

Over the years, Red Lobster has worked to enhance its beverage menu. From partnering with Mountain Dew to offer creative shakes on popular flavors to offering a twist on classic cocktails, the restaurant brand understands that food and beverages need to work together to make a memorable dining experience.  

New mocktails join Red Lobster menu
New mocktails join Red Lobster menu / Red Lobster

With guests wanting more mocktail options, Red Lobster is adding five new beverages to the menu. They are Coastal Colada, Port of Passion, Strawberry Breeze, Green Apple Wave, and Mocha Sea Turtle Frappe. Looking at these beverages, it is interesting that one is a sweet, almost dessert option.

Usually mocktails mimic similar classic cocktails. The Mocha Sea Turtle Frappe is more like a dessert or a beverage found at a coffee shop. It is not a typical flavor that pairs with fish. It will be curious to see how this mocktail performs on the menu.  

The other mocktails easily pair with Endless Shrimp, a plate of crab, or the irresistible Cheddar Bay Biscuits. More importantly, the mocktails are well balanced. From a touch of sweetness to a little herbal note, the mocktail invites people back for another sip and hopefully another beverage order.  

The new Red Lobster menu items are available now. Check with restaurants for availability and pricing.