Reese’s Jumbo Cup is never sorry for its gigantic size

Reese's Jumbo Cup
Reese's Jumbo Cup / Reese's

When a gigantic, huge, almost insurmountable craving for peanut butter and chocolate hits, it must be satisfied. With the new Reese’s Jumbo Cup, that one, tremendous candy can curb that hunger and no one will be sorry for eating the whole thing.

Reese’s has never been afraid to change the shape of the classic peanut butter cup. From the recently introduced medal inspired shapes to the perennial favorite egg shapes, there is something whimsical about seeing the classic peanut butter and chocolate transformed beyond the simple cup.

While the look might vary, the classic combination of sweet milk chocolate and creamy, slightly salty peanut butter is always front and center. Whether people nibble around the edges or break off a chunk to devour, it is the balance of sweet and salty that is always delicious.

The newest Reese’s candy innovation gives shrinkflation the boot. Reese’s Jumbo Cup might not necessarily be as large as the World’s Largest Cup or those Stuffed Cups at the specialty stores, but is it a treat that requires a heft appetite.

As said Melissa Blette, REESE'S senior brand manager said, "There's nothing quite like our iconic combination of chocolate and classic REESE'S peanut butter, so we're making REESE'S fans dreams come true by quadrupling the size of our fan-favorite King Size Peanut Butter Cups. We've seen the passion that fans have for the brand, and we're excited to bring a new, larger cup for them to continue enjoying the chocolate and peanut butter goodness that only REESE'S peanut butter cups can provide."

The Reese’s Jumbo Cup is basically four King Sized Cups smashed into one Jumbo Cup. To be clear, this idea is not stacking multiple cups on top of each other to make a bigger candy. The sweet treat changes the ratio of chocolate to peanut butter.

Generally, there is a traditional ratio of peanut butter to chocolate. In this version, the filling, aka the peanut butter center, is increased. For peanut butter lovers, it is their dream come true.

While many people will happily break into that deliciousness, the new larger sized cups would be perfect for baking. It might not necessarily be the Piecaken, but stuffing this big cup into a cupcake or brownie would be the ultimate food mash-up.

Or, think about using this Reese’s Cup as the basis of an ice cream sandwich or even with s’mores. The possible food applications are many.

The new Reese’s Jumbo Cups will be available this summer. Check with retailers for availability and pricing. The candy will be available for a limited time.