Reese’s stands atop the podium with new Reese’s Medals

Jessica Long and Haven Shepherd for Reese's Medals
Jessica Long and Haven Shepherd for Reese's Medals / Reese's

While many athletes dream of watching their country’s flag soar and anthem played at the Olympics, that triumphant moment in time comes because of hard work, dedication, and support from numerous people along the way. With the new Reese’s Medals, the uniquely shaped peanut butter cup has everyone cheering for all the athletes competing in the  Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Reese’s has been a long time supporter of athletes. While the Fighting Cuppies might have their own sporting traditions, the world watches when the Olympic and Paralympic Games begin. Whether it is a sport that everyone knows or niche competition that captivates the headlines, it is more than just the wins that people talk about. It is the athletes and their families that make the one moment in time resonate until the athletes compete again in four years.

In honor of those athletes, their families, and their supporters, Reese’s Medals have hit the candy shelves. While people hunt for those eggs at Easter and love a pumpkin at Halloween, the medal shaped peanut butter cups are more than just a creative visual for the Olympic moment. It is an opportunity for the candy brand to inspire others to dream big.

According to Shannon Wilkinson, Reese's senior brand manager, “We know that Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are legendary among fans – and just like with legendary athletes – there is always room for some friendly competition to bring out the best versions of ourselves. Now, with the addition of our newcomer, Reese’s Medals, and through our collaboration with Team USA and an incredible roster of athletes, we are bringing that spirit of friendly competition to the lead up to the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024.”

Alex Morgan and Sophia Smith for Reese's Medals
Alex Morgan and Sophia Smith for Reese's Medals / Reese's

As part of the candy launch, Reese’s will debut a new campaign, Legend vs. Newcomer. The Instagram moments will share some interesting facts about the various athletes. While few people will possess the athletic greatness of an Olympian, there are many ways to relate to these remarkable athletes. From a unique sleeping habit to a love of a favorite peanut butter and chocolate candy, there are many reasons to cheer on Team USA members.

This new campaign captures why the Olympics are more than a sporting event. The stories, the people, and the families are as important as the records and the wins. When decades of training comes down to mere seconds between victory and defeat, it cannot happen without a support system along the way.

Given that Reese’s fans are never sorry about loving their favorite peanut butter and chocolate candy, the Reese’s Medals are a perfect way to say thank you for being that support, kind word, or just being the alarm clock when you did not want to get up for early morning practice. It might not be a huge gesture, but it is a moment that will be appreciated.

The Reese’s Medals are available for a limited time. Check with retailers for availability and pricing. Hershey’s will be supporting Team USA in various ways leading up to the Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympic Games.