Remi Wolf shares why McDonald’s Grandma McFlurry has her singing a sweet tune, interview

Remi Wolf on stage
Remi Wolf on stage / Derek White/GettyImages

While the whirl sound brings anticipation for that first spoonful, Remi Wolf has an even sweeter sound that has everyone craving a McDonald’s Grandma McFlurry. During a recent chat, the popular singer-songwriter shared why this collaboration was music to her ears.

McDonald’s appreciates that the pop culture connection with food is vital. While seeing those Golden Arches might cause a craving for those World Famous Fries, the few notes of “badabababa” are equally as engaging. From famous faces to regular people, the hunger for special sauce connects people across demographics.

Additionally, the “Loving It” feeling is continuous. From that first Happy Meal enjoyed after a hard won soccer game to the adult style Happy Meals that bring a sense of youthful exuberance, there is no age limit associated with the food. In some cases, it is the meal that epitomizes the multi-generational experience.

With the latest McDonald’s Grandma McFlurry offering, the idea is more than just another frozen delight. It is meant to capture those sweet moments with the older generation. Some people might recall getting that slightly warm candy snuck to them by grandma or maybe it was the dessert tradition that happened when staying at her house. No matter the memory, many people rediscover that sweet moment.

McDonald's Grandma McFlurry
McDonald's Grandma McFlurry / McDonald's

This McFlurry flavor seeks to capture those sweet moments in a cup. From the crushed candy pieces to the syrup swirl, the idea is to give those memories a flavor. It might be a touch nostalgic, but it is never boring.

To help launch McDonald’s Grandma McFlurry, the quick service restaurant brand partnered with Remi Wolf on a remake of the classic song, “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You).” Ahead of the partnership announcement, FoodSided spoke with Remi about her McDonald’s partnership, her personal connection to her grandmas, and her love of McDonald’s.

While Remi’s songs have been featured in other commercials, she described this McDonald’s partnership as a “wild opportunity” and one that she never “thought that I would ever end up doing.” For her, it was a “very sweet surprise.”

To add a sentimentality to the Grandma McFlurry launch, Remi created her own take on the classic song, “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You).” She mentioned that she is a big fan of that song and “I love making covers. Figuring out how to make my own unique take on such a classic song and that it is used in a commercial, is just a cherry on top.”

Since the song is such a classic, Remi appreciates that the sentimental melody is often associated with special gatherings. More importantly, it is a song that all generations know. The interpretation of the notes might be different, but everyone knows the words.

Remi admitted that doing a cover of this song can be an intimidating process since it is so iconic. Describing her approach, Remi shared, “I landed on stripping it back to just the chords and the vocal. It highlighted how amazing the song is and it does justice to the message of the song. I love an acoustic guitar moment. I want people to listen to the lyrics and really hear how sweet the song is.”

While Remi added her twist to the iconic song, she appreciated the overall sentimentality to the moment. In some ways, she appreciates how those chords can bring back all the moments where her grandmothers supported her music career.

Grandma McFlurry at McDonald's
Grandma McFlurry at McDonald's / McDonald's

Since the song can be a backdrop to an enjoyable meal, Remi said that she would enjoy a Quarter Pounder and the Grandma McFlurry with her family. She mentioned that everyone enjoys hanging out, talking, and spending time together.

Currently, Remi is out on tour and will be dropping a new song later this summer. She mentioned that her band and manager enjoy stopping at local McDonald’s while out on the road. The orders might not necessarily be the same as what she ate during her younger snowboarder days, but she never turns down a McDonald’s food run.

This summer, enjoy a Grandma McFlurry, listen to Remi’s version of “How Sweet It is (To Be Loved by You)” and dish up some family memories. It could be that sweet moment of gratitude that lingers long after the meal ends.