Resolve to boost the veggies in a Bloody Mary with a simple ingredient swap

Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary / Peter Forest/GettyImages

While National Bloody Mary Day is celebrated on January 1, many people start those resolutions on the same day. Even if the stroke of midnight does not ring in the immediate change to food and beverage choices, the first cocktail of the year can get a little extra boost. A V8 Bloody Mary Mix can be that simple change to sip on some more veggies.  

Whether it is the hair of the dog, the preferred beverage with brunch, or just enjoying the flavor, the Bloody Mary is a popular classic cocktail. Some people might prefer to turn the beverage into a meal with all its garnishes. But, the celery, asparagus, or pickled green bean does not have to be the only vegetable in the glass.  

V8 has always been that vegetable-powered beverage. With two servings of vegetables per 8 oz pour, it is an easy way to drink towards balanced eating. It does not make that cocktail healthy, but it does make it feel a little less negative.  

According to a recent V8 survey, the majority Bloody Mary consumers wanted a Spicy V8 Mix. Although there are 70% of people who add some hot sauce to their beverages, the Campbell’s company listened and is adding a Spicy V8 Mix to their line-up. Now, consumers can have two options to pour.  

When thinking about that Original Plant-Powered Drink, it works well in a Bloody Mary because the flavor is balanced. Even though the liquor dilutes the flavor a little, it can meld well with other flavors. Whether it is a punch of spice, a little salt, or even a punch of pickle, the reality is that V8 makes for an easy choice.  

And, if there is some left over after the cocktail moment, it can be a great beverage to start the day, an afternoon pick-me up, or just because refreshment. No matter the reason, it is always a good idea to have a bottle of V8 around.