Restaurants put healthy eating resolutions front and center on the menu

Just Salad Winter Harvest Salad
Just Salad Winter Harvest Salad / Just Salad

At the beginning of the year, resolution enthusiasm runs high. Whether it is higher protein, more fruits and vegetables, or just smaller portions, food habits change. Restaurants take notice and put healthy eating resolutions front and center.  

Although most restaurants have at least one healthy eating option on the menu, the new year often comes with some changes. It might not be an entire menu revamp, but there is a conscious effort to appeal to what the guest wants.  

To start 2024 Chipotle partnered with Strava to put healthy habits front and center. For people’s efforts, they offered rewards for keeping the resolve past National Quitters Day.  

Through a series of Chipotle segments, Strava users can complete challenges in an effort to win free Lifestyle Bowls for a year. Even if that big prize alludes them, every journey ends at a Chipotle, where that tasty meal can be purchased by everyone.  

While Chipotle is working with a brand partner, Wingstop is taking a twist on Dry January. The popular quick service restaurant thinks that dry, in this case dry seasoning, is the flavorful alternative.  

Sometimes getting a little “saucy” might not be an attractive look. Going dry does not mean that a meal is dull. It just is a little twist that might give people a whole new perspective.  

Even though a name might set the intention, it can bring a new set of eyes on the table. Just Salad has long touted the flavor versatility that greens offer. To kick off Veganuary, it partnered with Michelin Star Chef Amanda Cohen to offer some special menu items.  

Although a Dirt Candy Salad might not be the recipe that grandma plates at Sunday dinner, it showcases that salad is more than just iceberg lettuce with a drizzle of ranch. The combination of romaine, arugula, shaved broccoli, cucumbers, olives and more is a celebration of textures, flavors, and more.  

These ideas are just a few of the many healthy eating food options that restaurants offer to help keep those resolutions going strong. The menu might give the choice, but it is up to the guest to keep ordering long after Quitters Day.