RumChata Pineapple Cream brings a taste of summer to every day

Dreaming of tropical flavors and sunny days? RumChata Pineapple Cream shakes up a new take on those popular Tiki cocktails.
RumChata Pineapple Cream
RumChata Pineapple Cream / RumChata

While people might be dreaming of sunny days lounging on sandy beaches, a sweet taste of the tropics is waiting to be poured. The new RumChata Pineapple Cream offers a plethora of cocktail ideas that will have people sipping a taste of escapism.

Although cocktail trends can influence drinkers to try a new libation, the reality is that a certain moment, craving, or just a favorite taste can have them craving for a particular cocktail. It might be the desire to recapture a favorite vacation, a longing for a moment to unwind, or just the love of a particular flavor.

RumChata has become a popular choice for many drinkers who prefer a creamy, sweet note in cocktails. From a simple splash in a coffee to a layered cocktail, the Caribbean rum, Midwest dairy cream, and Mexican spice has become a staple in many people’s bar collection.

Joining the brand’s permanent line, RumChata Pineapple Cream puts an extra burst of sweetness front and center. As Brandon Lieb, Vice President of Marketing for Spirit of Gallo said, “Last year, our fans’ enthusiasm for tropical flavors was evident with the success of RumChata Coconut Cream. As summer approaches, we’re thrilled to unveil our latest innovation, RumChata Pineapple Cream, which is reminiscent of summer Tiki drinks.”

Thinking about this particular libation, it is perfect for a pina colada or a painkiller. Both cocktails feature that pineapple and coconut cream flavor. With the RumChata, it captures that creamy mouthfeel and the burst of juicy sweetness.

Even just a simple pour over ice with a splash of sparkling water is quite delicious. Consider adding a grilled pineapple garnish to bring out a little bitter contrast to all the sweetness.

Given that some Tiki drinks have the combination of rum, pineapple, and coconut cream, the new libation invites people to shake up their own creation. Without turning the cocktail into an overly spirited sip, there are many ways to combine flavors to make a drink worthy of sitting under the palm tree and letting all the cares go away.

Thinking about pairing this RumChata with food, it would be great as a pre-dinner cocktail.
Even though it is a little sweet, it can be a fun way to start the meal. For people who enjoy a sweet sip with dinner, it could balance a spicy jerk chicken or a robust chicken mole.

In addition, it would be delicious with a dessert. For example, it would go well with a flan, a rice pudding, or even some simple plantains. And, it could be the dessert all on its own.

The RumChata Pineapple Cream joins the brand’s Original and Coconut Cream flavors. In addition, there are Pumpkin Spice and Peppermint Bark seasonal flavors available. Check with retailers for availability and pricing.