Scotch Whisky by Scotch Brand helps make sticky moments more palatable

Scotch whisky by Scotch Brand
Scotch whisky by Scotch Brand / Scotch Brand

Occasionally, life offers a curveball and the pieces need to come together. After solving those sticky moments, why not toast with a glass of Scotch Whisky by Scotch Brand. It might not be the oldest liquor on the shelf, but it is for discerning tastes.

Whether that first sip brings images of a Scottish landscape filled with rolling hills and mysterious lochs or that peat forward flavor is unlike other liquors on the shelf, the Scotch Whisky by Scotch Brand is meant to be an essential in the liquor cabinet. It could be the pour that brings people together through vibrant storytelling, a way to connect pieces that have otherwise been torn apart, or just the glue that keeps everything together.

According to the brand, the special, limited-edition scotch has been aged 14 years. While it is unclear why 14 years was chosen, it is nice that the Wallace tartan is featured front and center on the label. It is unclear if Scotty McTape is old enough to enjoy a neat pour.

Thinking about this special offering, it is nice to see scotch get some top billing. Bourbon gets people collecting those specialty bottles. Maybe this very limited, hard to find liquor will become the most coveted offering in someone’s collection.

This specialty liquor comes on the heels of other brands looking to expand their reach beyond their specific areas. From Del Taco Tic Tac refreshing swicy mints to Velveeta bringing its signature golden color to the hair care aisle, there are many brands crossing the line between food and creativity.

Since this special Scotch Whisky by Scotch Tape is only available on April 1, stores might not know where this particular bottle is located on the shelf. But, they can find plenty of that tape. After all, you always need another roll of tap in the drawer.