Del Taco Tic Tac Mints heat up those 100 layers of refreshment

Del Taco Tic Tac Mints, limited time offering
Del Taco Tic Tac Mints, limited time offering / Del Taco

Whether people prefer wintergreen or orange, that iconic sound from the Tic Tac container is shaking out a new flavor for April 1. It is time to heat up those 100 layers of refreshment with Del Taco Tic Tac Mints.

The swicy food trend is everywhere. From chicken wings to the dessert aisle, people cannot get enough of the sweetness with a slow spice burn.

To kick off April, Del Taco Tic Tac Mints feature three flavors inspired by the restaurant brand’s iconic sauces, Mild, Del Scorcho, and Del Inferno. Whether people like a subtle spice or the in your face heat, there is an option for everyone.

Although this special offering might not necessarily be the most common taco topping or it might add an unusual texture to a burrito, it could spark an interesting conversation on a couple of levels. First, a spicy mint could be enjoyable. Mint and spice can be flavor friends.

On the hand, Tic Tac Mints as a topping for a savory dish is not necessarily the concept that people are trying at home. Although some chef might be willing to take that challenge, the reality is that it might take a couple more years for people to embrace this food topping.

While this special offering is tied to an April 1 launch and may not be available in stores, the reality is that someone would want this idea to arrive on the shelf. Chocolate and spice is a popular dessert. Mint can sometimes be a little one note. Maybe spice, sugar and mint could be the new food trend that fills people feeds.

For now, it is time to shake that Berry Adventure Tic Tac container and wake-up from this Del Taco flavor fantasy. Unlike, the 80s commercial the Del Taco Tic Tac Mints sound is definitely Memorex, not real.