SeaWorld Seven Seas Food Festival 2024 invites guests on a flavor journey

While the underwater world has a bounty of discoveries, the SeaWorld Seven Seas Food Festival 2024 is a celebration of global cuisines. From familiar food choices to pushing the flavor boundaries, guests will want to visit over and over to eat and drink all the menus.
SeaWorld Orlando
SeaWorld Orlando / SeaWorld

Theme parks offer a sense of adventure at every turn. From thrills like hanging ten on Pipeline or stepping into a tunnel to be surrounded by sharks, those heart-pumping moments can get stomachs grumbling for some delicious food and beverage options. The SeaWorld Seven Seas Food Festival 2024 sets the table with a bounty of scrumptious offerings,  

Over the years, SeaWorld has elevated its food and beverage offerings. While its Halloween events might have pushed the envelope with less traditional proteins, other events blend familiar with new. In some ways, the menus are as thrilling as the big drops on those roller coasters.  

The SeaWorld Seven Seas Food Festival 2024 features a wide array of new menu choices. With over 200 food and beverage options, each visit can bring a new opportunity to sample a different cuisine.  

The marketplaces feature international cuisines as well as traditional favorites. Some items even incorporate food trends. From fried pickles to boudin balls with remoulade and whisky maple bacon cinnamon roll to bangers and mash, there is something for everyone.  

The menu even features some nice vegetarian options like a plant-based chorizo taco and a veg’d out sandwich featuring a soybean chicken patty.  

Since some people get thirsty walking from place to place, a few of the new cocktails are bright and refreshing. At the Half Pipe Pavilion, the vodka lemonade options will be a must try. The Lemon Basil Vodka Lemonade cocktail should be a standout option.  

With so many food and beverage options to try, the Seven Seas Food Festival Tasting Lanyard is a great way to save and still enjoy many bites. The lanyard can be purchased from as a 10-sample for $70 or a 15-sample for $85.  

The SeaWorld Seven Seas Food Festival 2024 runs from February 2 through May 19. In addition to the food and beverage offerings, the event will feature a variety of concerts, which are included with theme park admission. Check with SeaWorld Orlando for ticket prices and other offers.