SeaWorld’s Ultimate Shark Experience offers a deep dive into the ocean ecosystem

SeaWorld Ultimate Shark Experience
SeaWorld Ultimate Shark Experience / SeaWorld

Often considered one of the ocean’s misunderstood creatures, SeaWorld’s Ultimate Shark Experience looks to educate guests with this special opportunity. Ready to dive into the water and learn a little more about the ocean’s Very Important Predator?

With SeaWorld celebrating 60 years as the leading marine life theme park and accredited zoo and aquarium, it is an opportunity to better appreciate what “So Much More to Sea” means. Even though the thrill rides and family inclusive offerings might have people laughing and screaming with every twist and turn, there is more to these theme parks.

The SeaWorld Conservation Fund helps to fund and educate shark conservation. While movies might lean into people’s fears about the ocean’s often misunderstood animals, sharks are vital to maintaining the ecosystem’s balance.

Speaking about this summer’s Ultimate Shark Experience at SeaWorld, Marc Swanson, Chief Executive Officer of United Parks & Resorts, said, “We are thrilled to announce the return of the Ultimate Shark Experience in celebration of SeaWorld's 60th anniversary. This unique opportunity allows our guests to interact with these magnificent creatures while also supporting conservation efforts. Sharks are vital to our ocean ecosystem, and through this unique experience, guests can deepen their understanding of these vital predators and join us in safeguarding their future.” 

What do guests experience at SeaWorld’s Ultimate Shark Experience?

Available from July 7-14, the Ultimate Shark Experience includes an up-close guided behind the scenes tour with SeaWorld aquarists. Additionally, guests can feed and touch sharks and rays. This event is under the guidance of the SeaWorld staff.

Since all those adventures can build up an appetite, the special event includes a meal and a drink at a quick-service restaurant. Some guests might choose to visit Sharks Underwater Grill and Bar. The SeaWorld Orlando restaurant is always a favorite with guests. Not only is it a great place to cool off from the heat, but the views are mesmerizing. The food is always delicious, too.

Of course, the special ticket includes some fun shark-inspired swag, souvenirs and other special mementos. From the person who is obsessed with sharks to the person who is looking to face their fears, the event is one to book now.

And, a portion of the proceeds from this special event is donated to the SeaWorld Conservation Fund. Blending education and entertainment is an element that is inherent in everything that SeaWorld does.

The SeaWorld Ultimate Shark Experience is available at SeaWorld Orlando, SeaWorld San Antonio, and SeaWorld San Diego. The ticket is $225 or $125 for passholders.