Simple food swaps that can keep healthy eating resolutions on track

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While people may be resilient to eat more vegetables, move more, or hydrate more efficiently, healthy eating resolutions can often fade from mind as January ends. With some simple food swaps, little changes can reap big rewards.  

Change is never easy. Even though people might want to fit in their favorite dress from the first date with the husband or dream of running their first 10K, the reality is that smaller goals might be more reasonable. More importantly, achieving that little modification can help move the needle towards bigger lifestyle alterations.  

Simple food swaps to try for the New Year 

Try a protein, fiber rich bread 

Cutting out bread in its entirety is not an easy task. Instead, why not choose a bread that checks off more boxes. For example, EQUII Complete Protein and Added Fiber breads are a great choice to turn that favorite sandwich into something more.  

The EQUII breads check off two boxes on the healthy eating track. First, the bread offers 14% daily value of fiber. Given that increasing fiber intake is a priority for some people, the flavorful bread makes it easier to accomplish that goal. Plus, the bread feels and tastes like other popular options on the shelf.  

In addition, the EQUII bread has 15% daily value of protein. Many people are looking to increase and/or include protein in every meal. The protein in the bread is a simple swap that accomplishes that goal.  

More information on EQUII can be found online. The bread can be found at specialty markets and is served at locations like Central Market and The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.  

Scoop a different yogurt 

While many people might be loyal to that brand which has been part of their breakfast or lunch for decades, swapping that yogurt can be a great way to boost protein. For example, the creamier texture of Icelandic Provisions Skyr skips the sugar yet brings the protein.  

Whether used in a cake recipe, a granola bowl, or on its own, the Icelandic Provisions Skyr has a plethora of options. From a rich coffee infused option to the simple vanilla variety, that skyr could become a new staple in the refrigerator.  

Crunch on a different snack option 

Although kale chips may never be a real substitute for a bag of Lay’s, the reality is that people can find snack alternatives on the shelf. Whether it is lower sodium, vegetable forward, or a combination of options, snacking does not have to be removed from the conversation. Even favorite snack brands have lower calorie, protein-packed, or other alternatives that bring the food balance conversation in focus.  

Boost the protein in favorite recipes 

While the plain chicken breast might be bland and boring, people understand that having significant protein in their daily food intake can be beneficial. Although a scoop to that morning shake can be easy, it does not have to be the only option to pour.  

For example, Evolve Protein has a variety of recipes that its protein powder. From a high protein banana muffin to even some protein truffles, that extra scoop does not alter the flavor, but it does boost the protein. It can be fun to experiment with the many possibilities. 

Even though the resolve might be strong during the first week of the year, it takes several weeks to have those changes become a habit. With simple food swaps, healthy eating resolutions will become part of the routine long after quitters' day.