Simple ideas that take graduation parties to the next level

U.S. Military Academy's Class of 2024 graduation ceremony
U.S. Military Academy's Class of 2024 graduation ceremony / VIEW press/GettyImages

After the tassel is turned and the cap is thrown in the air, everyone is excited to celebrate at those graduation parties. With a few simple ideas, that gathering can be even sweeter.

Although party planners might make the picture-perfect party seem effortless, a few tricks of the trade can make any gathering memorable. Putting aside bigger topics like venue location, guest list size and other logistics, setting the tone for the event is a combination of the celebration and the person being celebrated. At a graduation party, it is all about the graduate and his accomplishments.

How to make a graduation party special.

The simplest party of a graduation party is the color scheme. High school graduation parties tend to either feature the high school colors or the future college’s colors. It comes down to personal preferences.

From serveware to decor, it is easy to find many colorful options. Even just a few tablecloths can set the scene.

Building on the color and theme, consider a special item that is a food to serve and a gift to take home. For example, M&M’s personalized candies are a great option.

M&M’s candies can be personalized in many ways. From a special phrase to even or logo or photo, the classic candy is a great conversation piece.

From bowls on tables to individual packages as gifts, they add an extra touch to event. Plus, it is unique for that special occasion.

While the M&M’S make a sweet statement, a special themed beverage is also a great idea. Creating a mocktail, which can be altered for adults who prefer a spirited version, is a smart idea.

For example, anyone going to University of Florida could make a Gator Chomp, a citrus forward, vibrant mocktail with a blueberry purée base to mimic Gator colors. Given the plethora or recipes, there are plenty of ways to transform a favorite beverage into the graduation party theme.

Lastly, desserts are a sweet way to capture the graduation party theme. Instead of just another decorated cake, think about where the school is located for some flavor or food inspiration. Whether it is a Wisconsin cream puff or New York Cheesecake, there are many obvious choices.

Also, consider going a little out of the box, too. Goldbelly has tons of options for specialty foods that can be shipped nationwide. As many people appreciate, that special bite of food can have all those memories come flooding back.

These ideas are just a few simple graduation party ideas. Do you have an idea that impressed all the guests? Come share it with FoodSided.