A well-stocked bar needs these summer entertaining beverage essentials

Grey Goose Vodka cocktail
Grey Goose Vodka cocktail / Jesse Grant/GettyImages

With the promise of endless nights and festivities all day long, summer entertaining beverage essentials can keep everyone’s spirits lifted. From flavorful mixers to simple hacks to elevate any beverage, these items can make any home bartender feel like a master mixologist.

A summer gathering usually focuses on simplicity. It is not the time for intricate tablescapes and complicated place settings. That concept applies to the beverages, not just the food served.

While many people might opt for a cooler stacked with cans, that option does not have to be the only choice. A little thoughtful planning can make for a great event that has people talking about the host’s party planning skills.

Summer entertaining beverage essentials

A great mixer

A great mixer is a must for any summer party. From a signature cocktail to a flavorful mocktail, that one beverage can keep any event from being bland.

While there are many options to choose, Q Mixers is a great option for a sparkling mixer. Although its new spicy mango margarita has received much fanfare, the hibiscus ginger beer as well as the tropical ginger beer and elderflower tonic are always good choices to have on hand.

The sparkling mixers, available in smaller cans, work with almost any spirit. In addition, they have significant flavor that can be the primary flavor in a mocktail. It is one of the reasons why Q Mixers is one of the most versatile beverages available.

If a non-carbonated option is preferred, Fresh Victor has a robust line of mixers. From the Grapefruit and Sea Salt to the Pineapple and Ginger Root, the nuanced flavors work perfectly in a cocktail or mocktail.

The fresh juice is key to delivering a quality flavor. Whether it is a cocktail or a mocktail, it is a simple ratio of ingredients and the Fresh Victor drives the overall drinking enjoyment.

It’s all about the ice

While many people might ask guests to bring an extra bag of ice when asked what they should bring to the party, ice can be more than just a way to keep a drink cool. It can add both flavor and an elevated look.

For example, consider taking some extra Fresh Victor and freezing it into cubes. Instead of diluting the cocktail, this type of ice will keep the flavor consistency. It is similar to how some people use coffee ice cubes in iced coffee.

Additionally, freezing pieces of fruit or even edible flavors in an ice cubes makes for a wonderful visual in a cocktail or mocktail. Since everyone wants to snap that perfect picture to share, this idea will catch everyone’s attention.

Be thoughtful with the glassware

While that Red Solo cup might be convenient, using only one type of cup at a big party might not necessarily be the best choice. Theme parks and cruise ships use different cups to visually denote alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. For a party, either pick a color, shape, or something easily identifiable to ensure that no one mistakenly grabs the wrong beverage.

These summer entertaining beverage essentials are just a few ideas. There are plenty of ways to keep the good times rolling and the drinks flowing.