Simply Spiked Limeade offers a juicy pucker with every sip

Sometimes a bright, zesty flavor can feel like a burst of sunshine on even a cloudy day. With the new Simply Spiked Limeade, the fruity flavor is one that will bring a smile with every sip.
Simply Spiked Limeade
Simply Spiked Limeade / Cristine Struble

Certain flavors are classics. While that old fashioned lemonade might conjure lazy summer days in the backyard, limeade hits a little differently. There is a touch of excitement with that sweet and tart flavor. The Simply Spiked Limeade is the fruity, satisfying refreshment that could become the new favorite flavor.  

Limeade is a curious flavor in alcoholic beverages. While there are sour cocktails, like margaritas, this drink is different. While the tart invites sip after sip, it is the subtle sweetness that makes it even more enjoyable.  

Jamie Rotnicki, vice president of Innovation at Molson Coors Beverage Company. said, "It's no secret that limeade is a fan favorite. This flavor is HOT, it's the #3 flavor in alternative beverages after tea and lemonade, so it only made sense for Simply Spiked Limeade to be the third addition to the Simply Spiked family. With the launch of Simply Spiked Limeade we're looking to build on the brand's momentum from the past few years and bring our day-one fans a new line of flavors that's as on trend as they are."

Available in four flavors, the Simply Spiked Limeade celebrates the versatility that lime offers. From the simplicity of just the lime to fruit combinations, it is a way to bring some fun to the beverage conversation.  

For example, the cherry limeade feels like a twist on an old school childhood favorite. The cherry is sweet but not cloying. Thinking about this flavor, it is great to play into that fun factor. Although it might not be transformed into a popsicle, it is perfect with a hot dog and a slice of cherry pie.  

The Blackberry flavor is quite juicy and hits that perfect balance of sweet and tart. The combination is more exciting than the traditional strawberry lemonade. Plus, adding a few fresh blackberries as a garnish makes not only for a great visual but also a little extra treat. And, for anyone who loves barbecue, it is the perfect pairing for those ribs.  

Lastly, the Passion Fruit Limeade pushes people a little out of their comfort zone. That tropical note could bring a taste of a vacation getaway without leaving the couch. With a subtle tartness from the lime, it is the most exciting flavor in the variety pack. Pair this flavor with some spicy noodles and celebrate that tropical note.  

The Simply Spiked Limeade can be purchased in a four-flavor 12-oz can variety pack and the limeade flavor can be purchased in a 24 oz can. Check with retailers for availability and pricing.