Smoothie King celebrates its New Orleans connection with a big announcement

Smoothie King Center in the New Orleans
Smoothie King Center in the New Orleans / Smoothie King

Whether that sip is part of a morning routine or a quick meal on the go, Smoothie King is a favorite with many people. From classic flavor combinations to innovative flavors, the restaurant brand is ready to blend beyond the traditional storefront. Continuing its partnership with the New Orleans Pelicans, fans will get an opportunity to try a new smoothie flavor.  

According to a recent announcement, the Pelicans will play in the Smoothie King Center for a long time. The naming rights will attached for many more years. This partnership goes back to the brand’s start.  

As Wan Kim, Smoothie King CEO said, “The Smoothie King story began in New Orleans 50 years ago when our founder created the first smoothie and literally coined the term there, forever linking our brand to what is truly a special city. We’re so excited to continue to be a part of the community and have a strong presence there through our stores and our partnership with the Pelicans—an organization that shares our commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle—for years to come.” 

To celebrate this continued partnership, Smoothie King will give fans at the January 5th Pelicans versus the Clippers game an opportunity to try a new flavor. The first 1,000 guests will receive a complimentary 12 oz King Cake Smoothie.  

The new King Cake Smoothie flavor will debut in New Orleans and throughout Louisiana at a later date. The limited edition offering celebrates the classic treat that is part of Carnival season. The specific flavor description will be shared when it is available to the local public.  

While this special kick-off event builds excitement for the continued partnership, it will be interesting to see if additional special flavors and promotions come to “The Blender.” It can be a big advantage for food named locations to use that recognition to their advantage. If a guest loves a treat at the big game, they might be more willing to buy that special smoothie time and again.  

For now, the first taste of the King Cake Smoothie comes to “The Blender” on January 5th and Smoothie King will continue to blend its New Orleans connection into the future. The partnership is a win for the restaurant and hopefully the home team can sip on some success on the court, too.