Snapple Elements Sun shines brightly with sweet citrus flavor

Snapple Elements Sun beverage
Snapple Elements Sun beverage / Snapple

While everyone might be buzzing about the upcoming solar eclipse, the sun’s power is not limited to one scientific phenomenon. With the new Snapple Elements Sun, the bright, zesty, and sweet flavor has everyone excited to get a boost from that citrus beverage.

Snapple Elements line has blended fruit forward beverages with a concept. From the light, breezy prickly pear and peach white tea of Air to the soothing agave cactus Rain, drinking these beverages is more than just refreshment. It is a way to capture an intangible concept in a bottle without losing the Snapple fun that people have come to expect.

With the new Snapple Elements Sun, the citrus forward beverage captures those vibrant, warm, nourishing moments basking in the light. Combining flavors of starfruit, orange, and nectarine, the sweet and zesty notes are clear. At the same time, it is light, refreshing. After all, the sun can bring the warmth and no one wants a heavy flavor to ruin the fun.

Launching the new sun-focused beverage before the highly anticipated Solar Eclipse is perfect timing for Snapple. With people longing to be part of this unique event, the beverage is a way for everyone to be connected whether or not they are in the path of totality.

Snapple Elements Sun shines a light on some celestial trivia.

As Snapple fans appreciate, the fun facts under the cap always bring a smile. While some of the interesting items might not necessarily guarantee a win on Jeopardy, the information might impress some people around the dinner table.

With the Snapple Elements Sun, the fun facts are sun and space related. Anyone who lives near the Space Coast in Florida appreciates that exploration of the great beyond is growing at an extremely fast past.

Looking at some of the fun facts, the information could spark a bigger conversation long after the Solar Eclipse event. For example, “more energy from the sun hits Earth every hour than the planet uses in a year.” Even though mom might be unhappy with all the lights left on all day, it could be a quick retort when the kids have forgotten to turn everything off when they leave the room.

Other facts include “honeybees navigate by using the Sun as a compass, the sun is actually white, but the earth’s atmosphere makes it appear yellow, and astronauts at the International Space Station see 16 sunrises and sunsets every day.” Maybe these little tidbits will have people thinking a little differently when they are wishing for a cloud to come by on a sunny day.

The new Snapple Elements Sun is available in stores now. Check with retailers for availability and pricing.