SodaStream brings the bold MTN DEW flavor to its flavor line-up

SodaStream adds MTN DEW to its flavor line-up
SodaStream adds MTN DEW to its flavor line-up / SodaStream

SodaStream has been the leader for turning water into a favorite beverage at the push of a button. With MTN DEW flavor joining the robust line-up, the Dew Nation will be reserving that opportunity for the first taste.  

For years, SodaStream has visually shown consumers how one kitchen essential can make a significant impact on reducing single use plastic. While many people happily showcase that refillable water bottle, the beverage in that glass is equally as important. SodaStream can create flavored soda, water, or even mocktail at the push of a button.  

With MTN DEW joining the flavor line-up, there is a built-in audience that could change their buying habits. Given that the Dew Nation is quite loyal, the ability to have that iconic, citrus forward flavor whenever the thirst hits could see even more people put that SodaStream on the counter.  

Speaking to the new flavor launch, Mark Fenton, Chief Business Officer at SodaStream US said, “In response to the over whelming demand, we are thrilled to bring the exhilarating taste of MTN DEW to SodaStream. We strive to offer our consumers an array of flavors to meet any and all taste preferences, and with this addition to our lineup, we can proudly cater to those who seek the bold one-of-a-kind refreshing citrus taste of MTN DEW.” 

Given that the response to this launch is expected to be huge, SodaStream is introducing a Flavor Reservation platform. By registering for the launch on the brand's website, consumers will be able to purchase the MTN DEW flavor 48 hours prior to the public launch. In addition to the first look, registering comes with a free shipping offer.  

With the Pepsi flavors selling out quickly, it seems highly likely that the MTN DEW flavors will fly off the shelf. For anyone who wants that first taste, it might be best to join the Flavor Reservation platform.  

Since SodaStream allows for flavor personalization, it will be interesting to see how the Dew Nation uses these beverages to flex their creativity. Could someone find a new flavor twist by just pushing that button?  

The MTN DEW Drink Mix for SodaStream will retail for $6.99 a bottle. One flavor bottle can equal about 24-12 oz cans.