A more sophisticated margarita starts with this key ingredient

Margarita cocktail at the Bell Tower Bar on top of the La...
Margarita cocktail at the Bell Tower Bar on top of the La... / Wolfgang Kaehler/GettyImages

While the classic margarita is a simple sour cocktail, not all libations are the same. Although one restaurant might have an iconic sour mix and other brands have convenient ready to drink options, the person who loves that zesty, tart, and tangy cocktail thirsts for a sophisticated option. When that craving hits at home, this ingredient is key.

Usually a margarita is tequila, citrus, and orange liqueur. The variations on those three ingredients could have people drinking a new cocktail every day of the year.

While people have a tequila preference, that ingredient might not necessarily be a huge factor in overall sipping satisfaction. Of course, every tequila brand uses their proprietary method to craft what they believe is the best liquor. From a touch sweet to floral or earthy to even grassy, each one appeals to certain flavor preferences.

Regardless of the tequila poured in the glass, the citrus component can make an acceptable margarita exceptional. While the pre-made sour mix can be easy, freshly squeezed citrus or juice will always bring a more enjoyable sipping experience.

Although some people might happily take out their frustrations getting every last drop of lime juice from the fruit, others might prefer a more simplistic approach. Luckily, there are options that bring the zesty, vibrant flavor in a bottle.

Fresh Victor has long been the mixologist’s secret to more flavorful cocktails. The cold-pressed juice mixers always have a clean, crisp taste that is the foundation to a well-balanced cocktail.

For the person who wants convenience but does not want to compromise on flavor, Fresh Victor is that option. Two parts mixer to one part spirit is as easy as it comes. From a classic margarita flavor from the Mexican Lime and Agave to the slightly spicy Jalapeno and Lime, it showcases how that classic sour cocktail should be.

If Fresh Victor is not readily available in some areas, another option is a good choice, too. Natalie’s Juice Company is another beverage brand that puts freshness first. The handcrafted beverages focus on the best ingredients to ensure that great flavor is delivered every time.

While the brand does have a margarita mix, its Pure Lime Juice is well-balanced and perfect for a margarita. Also, consider adding a splash of the Natalie’s Tangerine juice to add a burst of sweetness to complement the orange liqueur. It tastes as if the fruit was hand squeezed.

In the end, a sophisticated margarita requires a better mixer to pair with that tequila. No one should ruin that blue agave spirit with a sub-par flavor.