Spring Baking Championship Season 10 winner: Blossoming to sweet victory

Spring Baking Championship Season 10 winner revealed
Spring Baking Championship Season 10 winner revealed / Food Network

After a season of celebrations, three bakers vie for the Spring Baking Championship Season 10 winner title. While these wedding cakes might be picture perfect, only one baker will earn their happily ever after.

The Spring Baking Championship Season 10 finale opened with an answer to the previous episode’s cliffhanger. While the bakers “borrowed” or reimagined the judges’ family desserts, only one offering earned the coveted Pre-Heat advantage.

By transforming Kardea Brown’s lemon lime cake into citrus madeleines, Steven won the pre-heat. The judges praised not only his creativity but also his risk in choosing that particular dessert.

With the Pre-Heat win, Steven earned a big advantage for the final challenge of the season. He was able to not only pick his theme but also assign the other bakers’ themes. Given the magnitude of the one bake to earn the Spring Baking Championship Season 10 winner title, it was a big help to have this advantage.

Throughout Spring Baking Championship Season 10, it was a season of celebration. While that concept was woven into each episode, it made sense that the last bake was a wedding cake. Asking the bakers to create a three-tiered cake in just five hours is beyond difficult.

Spring Baking Championship Season 10 final bake
Spring Baking Championship Season 10 final challenge / Food Network

Additionally, Food Network used the moment to incorporate another baking trend, stained glass design. This concept tested not only the bakers’ creativity but also their attention to detail. It is difficult to rush their way through this intricate detailed design.

With his advantage, Steven was able to choose his theme, flowers. That option might have had the most varied way to make a vibrant design. Additionally, he assigned Robert birds and Nickey dragon flies.

Although each baker had a design requirement, no one had to use a particular flavor. In some ways, allowing them to choose any cake flavor was helpful for everyone. It allowed them to showcase their cake skills but focus on a flavor that they could execute while freeing them to focus on the design elements.

While Nickey’s dragon flies might have meant luck, she needed a little good fortune on her side. Although Nickey is an accomplished baker, she never made a multi-tiered wedding cake. Even though her cake was slightly leaning, it was a great first effort.

The judges raved over her three cake flavors. From the floral hibiscus to the delicate strawberry prosecco, each flavor was lovely as its own and worked together for a fully composed bite. While the cake, itself, was delicious, Nickey struggled slightly with the decoration. It was nice, but it was not as refined as the other wedding cakes.

Steven had the most elegant wedding cake. Although he might have rushed at the end, and missed some tiny details, it was a lovely cake. The floral stained glass on the white cake popped. The flower topper might have been better served with a different color scheme, but it would make any bride happy with the design.

In addition, his cake was superb. Even if it might have been slightly dense, Steven found the sweet spot with his passionfruit bringing the tart but not venturing too far into the pucker zone. Lastly, the crunch layer offered texture which brought everything together.

Lastly, Robert took a creative approach to the stained glass design. Building on his bird theme, he used branches to create the effect. With birds perched on top and around the cake, it was a pretty scene.

Continuing the bird theme, Robert choose a hummingbird cake, but it was not necessarily the classic recipe. It needed more fruit and nuts inside the batter. While it was a delicious cake, it was not really what he intended. Still, it was an enjoyable bite.

While Nickey might have had the best buttercream and Robert might have had the most meaningful story, Steven earned the Spring Baking Championship Season 10 winner crown. His cake captured all the elements and sprung to the ultimate victory.

Spring Baking Championship might be over, but Summer Baking Championship is around the corner. Be sure to watch new episodes of the next round of Food Network baking competition every Monday night.

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