Sprite Chill offers a new, flavorful and refreshing way to Obey Your Thirst

New Sprite Chill
New Sprite Chill / Sprite

On a warm day, a perfectly chilled beverage is the ultimate refreshment. With the new Sprite Chill, the beverage innovation creates a colder drinking experience sip after sip. Plus, the sweet flavor satisfies, too.

Beverage innovation usually focuses on flavors. Over the years, Sprite has delighted its fans with seasonal offerings, like the Winter Spiced Cranberry. That particular beverage captured people’s interest as the winter chill filled the air. It was warm, slightly comforting, and versatile for all those seasonal gatherings.

While that tart, spicy taste worked well when the snow might be falling, warmer temperatures have people thirsting for something different. Although that lemon lime flavor refreshes any time of year, colder, bolder drinks seem to quench that thirst in a different way.

Speaking about the new Sprite Chill, Kate Schaufelberger, Brand Director, Sprite, “When people think about Sprite, they think about cut-through refreshment. With Sprite Chill, we’re doubling down on these signature intrinsics while continuing our legacy of strategic flavor innovation and quenching fans’ thirst for variety and the exclusive badge value associated with trying and sharing limited-time-only beverages and experiences.” 

Cherry Lime Sprite Chill
New Sprite Beverage, Cherry Lime Sprite Chill / Sprite

What is Sprite Chill?

The new beverage, Sprite Chill offers two elements. First, the flavor is cherry-lime. That sweet yet touch tart flavor has broad appeal. Going into the warmer months, that burst of sweetness feels fun, carefree. In addition to a hint of nostalgia, there is wide reaching appeal for this flavor.

Thinking about the cherry-lime flavor, it works well with all types of summer barbecues, beach gatherings, or just those simple days enjoying the weather. An easy drinking option, it makes for an easy food pairing.

While the flavor might be the first thought, the Sprite Chill has another aspect. The beverage gets colder as it is drunk. Although this idea seems counterintuitive, there is a cooling element that brings the burst of refreshment. But, there is no mint flavor. According to the beverage brand, “Sprite Chill is one of the first sparkling soft drinks to deliver a cooling sensation without an accompanying mint flavor.”

As Felicity Boucetla, Senior Director, Product Development for Sparkling Flavors said, “Consumers today are looking for multisensorial beverage experiences, so we saw a unique opportunity to elevate the crisp, refreshing taste Sprite fans expect with a first-of-its-kind cooling sensation.”

While that statement is true, there might be another aspect to this sensory, cooling sensation. Many Latin American countries appreciate a cooling sensation and/or flavor to their beverages. Although not stated by Sprite, it could be another global food and beverage idea influencing a broader market.

More importantly, this concept turns the beverage into an experience, not just any old drink. In a world where mindless eating can be problematic, people want more than just another can. When a beverage brand can offer more than its competitors, it will get people to choose it off the shelf.

How will Sprite Chill help people obey their thirst?

With the relaunch of the Obey Your Thirst campaign, Sprite looks to capture a wider audience. Many people will remember the original idea and the new take will bring back fond memories of that approach. More importantly, the modernized take welcomes a broader audience heading into the summer months.

As seen in the new Obey Your Thirst campaign, Sha'Carri Richardson becomes the brand’s first female athlete partner. In addition, NBA star Anthony Edwards will be featured in the campaign.

Speaking to the revitalization of the campaign, Brian Rogers, Senior Director of Brand Marketing for Sprite North America said, “As a brand deeply rooted in championing individuality and authenticity, Sprite recognizes the overwhelming pressure and impact this can have on the growth and ambitions of a younger generation. With the revival of ‘Obey Your Thirst,’ we’re excited to introduce this timeless message to Gen Z and inspire them to embrace their uniqueness and confidently chart their own path.”

Blending that willingness to celebrate individuality and beverage innovation is a reason why people will choose to grab a can of Sprite not only this summer but time and again. People want to connect with brands for what they represent, not just the flavors that they offer. When companies can find that synergy, it is a win for everyone.

The new Sprite Chill is a limited edition flavor. Check with retailers for availability and pricing.