Starbucks destination mug is more than just another coffee vessel

Starbucks Destination mugs, Spring Discovery Series
Starbucks Destination mugs, Spring Discovery Series / Starbucks

While many people have their specific coffee order, enjoying it in a favorite cup can make the flavor taste even better. With the Starbucks destination mug, staring at the intricacies of the design can make that daily tradition even more enjoyable.

Many people have a favorite coffee mug. While some cups might have a funny saying or maybe have a bold color, the reality is that one cup is often associated with one person in the house. For example, the kids know better than to grab the “queen of cuisine” mug for their milk.

As more people learn to add some everyday luxuries to their routine, the concept extends beyond the beverage in the cup and the food on the plate. How those food and beverages are served matters. It might sound silly but an orange juice in a beautifully fluted glass has a different refreshment than gulping that OJ from just any plastic cup.

With the Starbucks destination mug, it is more than just another coffee vessel on the shelf. The concept is rooted in celebrating certain cities with their unique characteristics and even quirks. Whether people choose the mug based on where they currently live, a place from their past, or another connection to their personality, that creative design can bring a happy moment to the day. The coffee boost can be a little more energized as the mind perks up thoughts as people discover another aspect hidden on the mug.

Starbucks Spring Discovery Series Mugs
New Starbucks Spring Discovery Series Mugs / Starbucks

Recently, Starbucks released new destination mug designs. While these mugs might not be as flashy as some of the Mother’s Day plastic tumblers or the highly coveted Stanley tumblers, there is something to be said about the stories behind the location-inspired designs. Just like a particular taste can have people remember a visit to a city or a particular aroma can transport them to a certain locale, these destination mugs capture the nuances, energy and aesthetic of the various cities.

Over the 30 years, certain design elements have evolved. There is always a secret Starbucks to-go cup incorporated into the design, these destination celebrations are more than just a simple nod to a state’s biggest icon.

In a way, the mugs are a celebration of personalities, influences, and culture. Just like the specialty brewed coffees that celebrated various locations around the world, these cups highlight the little things. Although not necessarily an inside joke, the visuals are appreciated by those “in the know.”

Whether people collect a place because it is where they live, a remembrance of a special trip, or maybe a way to manifest an upcoming move, the new Starbucks Destination Mugs will quickly become collector items. If only Starbucks had a signature city blend or beverage to accompany that mug. Maybe that idea will come around in the next couple of years.