Starbucks bursts into summer refreshment with its first blue beverage

New Summer-Berry Beverages on Starbucks Summer Menu
New Summer-Berry Beverages on Starbucks Summer Menu / Starbucks

The pure joy of jumping into a pool or running into water celebrates fun, carefree summer days. While those moments blend nostalgia and bliss, that visual inspired Starbucks first blue beverage on its new summer menu. It is time to celebrate Summer-Berry days all season long.

Summer beverages are more than just a cup full of sugar. Similar to the fresh fruits and vegetables that fill the food table, seasonal beverages are often inspired by those ingredients. While the berry cobblers and fruit salads might be the sweet ending to a meal, those same berries can flavor the refreshment in the glass.

When Starbucks started to plan its special summer beverage offering, the team took inspiration not only from the seasonal flavors but also from the vibrant colors associated with summer fun. The new Summer-Berry beverages transform that stunning blue sky and juicy raspberries into a drink that everyone will want to sip and share.

Speaking to how the Summer-Berry beverages began, Simon Vuong of Starbucks said, “We started out thinking about summer moments like hanging out by the pool and having a barbecue with friends. We have never had a blue beverage, but when we first created the recipe, the color really captured the feeling we were going for – reminiscent of long, summer days and bright skies for everyone to enjoy.”

The new Starbucks summer beverages might capture that feeling, but it is more than just a sip without substance. The combination of berry flavors are sweet, tart, and perfectly refreshing.

There are three options: Summer-Berry, Summer-Berry with Lemonade and Summer Skies Drink. While much will be said about this launch being U.S. Starbucks locations first use of popping pearls, the color is a more curious conversation for the beverage brand.

Several years back, Starbucks fans were obsessed with colorful frozen beverages. Everyone could not snap and share a photo quick enough. Over time, that beverage trend faded. Now, it seems that color is back in the conversation.

Summer-Berry Starbucks Summer beverages
Trio of new Starbucks Summer beverages, Summer-Berry / Starbucks

In addition, blue, or in this case blended berries, sets the tone for the drinking experience. It brings that youthful exuberance. Although not necessarily blue raspberry, that flavor tends to appeal to a younger audience. It is a combination of youthful exuberance and summer berry flavors.

The use of the raspberry popping pearls in the bottom of the glass makes for a multi-dimensional drinking experience. Whether each sip has a burst of sweet, tart raspberry or the drinker chooses their own refreshment adventure, the uniqueness to each moment can make people come back to order and order again.

Looking at the three beverages, the Summer Skies Drink will be the most try of the three. The coconutmilk adds a luscious quality to the drink. It almost turns it into a dessert.

The Summer-Berry Lemonade is perfect for fun-filled, warm summer days. That combination of sweet and tart can make this beverage go down quickly.

The new summer menu beverages are available now for a limited time. Check with stores for availability and pricing.