Starbucks Iced Coffee Blends bring cool refreshment at the push of a button

Starbucks Iced Coffee Blends arrive for summer
Starbucks Iced Coffee Blends arrive for summer / Starbucks

While baristas can shake up perfect refreshing beverages at a local store, some people would prefer to sip in their comfy clothes at home. With the new  Starbucks Iced Coffee Blends, perfectly crafted drinks are available at the push of a button.

The Starbucks At Home line allows consumers to bring a taste of their favorite coffee to their home kitchen. While there is always a place for that barista driven creation, sometimes “open hours” do not coincide with that thirst. From waking up before the sun peeks over the horizon to the keeping the energy going for one more study cram session, people want to be able to enjoy that coffee from their favorite mug.

With the new Starbucks Iced Coffee Blends, the coffee giant brings another innovation to the conversation. Available in ground and K-Cup options, the coffee has been created to maintain that robust coffee flavor when served over ice.

The Signature Black offering has citrus notes and a hint of caramel. When served chilled, those two flavors pop. Whether enjoyed with or without creamer, the Iced Coffee Blend is quite refreshing. That punch of bright, sweet citrus makes it quite refreshing on a hot day.

Although not endorsed by the brand, this particular offering would be outstanding as a base for a coffee cocktail. While not necessarily as strong as an espresso martini, the flavors would be delightful with a classic bourbon or even just combined with a splash of Kahlua or Licor 43.

Starbucks at Home beverages
New Starbucks at Home offerings for summer / Starbucks

For coffee drinkers who prefer a little more sweetness, the Starbucks Iced Coffee Blend in Naturally Flavored Vanilla is a classic, almost comforting flavor. While the classic vanilla latte might not have as much sparkle as some trending flavors, it satisfies because it is a favorite. Warm, creamy, and even a touch indulgent, this particular offering may not need any additional sweetness.

Thinking about this particular Iced Coffee Blend, it would be delightful with ice cream. Not a traditional affogato, but it might be the summer treat that is a great dessert option.

While the new Iced Coffee Blends are big news, Starbucks added two more ready to drink option as well. The Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee Concentrates are available in Dark Chocolate Hazelnut and Sweetened Black.

Although less sugar is needed in a cold brew because it tends to be less bitter, these flavors seem to play into the sugary side. Whether or not people will want to balance the sugary notes remains to be seen. But, pouring a glass of cold brew versus waiting 24 hours for it to steep is a big serving of convenience.

The new Starbucks coffee offerings are at select retailers now. Check with stores for availability and pricing.