Starbucks Iced Energy Beverages sparkle with vibrant refreshment

Starbucks Iced Energy Beverages join the menu
Starbucks Iced Energy Beverages join the menu / Starbucks

While some people might turn to that cup of joe for a jolt of energy, the new Starbucks Iced Energy Beverages change that caffeinated conversation.  These fruit and tea beverages pop with flavor and color. Is it time to shake up a new beverage choice?

Starbucks is always brewing up something new. After launching its first blue drink and introducing popping spheres, many people wondered what offering would be next on the list. Although pumpkin spice season might be right around the corner, the fruity, fresh summer flavors deserves their moment in the sunshine.

The next menu addition is new Starbucks Iced Energy Beverages. These energy drinks combine sparkling fruit flavors and iced tea in vibrant, refreshing sips that have wide reaching appeal.

The Starbucks Iced Energy Beverages are Melon Burst Iced Energy and Tropical Citrus Iced Energy. To be clear, these energy drinks are not overly caffeinated. The caffeine amounts are similar to a Starbucks Cold Brew. Given the recent concerns over highly caffeinated beverages, it seems strategic that Starbucks kept the levels at an approachable level.  

More importantly, it is the vibrant fruit forward flavors that will have people thirsty for more. While each one is unique, the flavors seem to be lighter, almost spa-like options instead of overly sweet sip.

The Melon Burst Iced Energy combines melon and cucumber with Passion Tango Tea. Melon and cucumber are not a common combination. Additionally, cucumber and tea are more unusual. The melon should bring some sweetness and the cucumber should keep the flavor light. Similar to that infused water served at the spa, it might be the drink that people go back to time and again.

The Tropical Citrus Iced Energy combines passionfruit, citrus and a mint-tinted green tea. Although the term mint-tinted is curious, it seems to suggest a color, not flavor infusion. But, mint with passionfruit, citrus, and green tea does sound like a good combination.

This option should have a broader appeal. Citrus is always a popular choice. Plus, the citrus, passionfruit, and green tea are a classic, balanced combination.

In addition to these two energy beverages, Starbucks is offering an app only option, Frozen Tropical Citrus Iced Energy with Strawberry Puree. This limited time offering features passionfruit, citrus, and strawberry puree. Based on photos, it appears to be a blended, frozen energy drink. It might be the choice for drinkers who prefer a sweeter option.

The new Iced Energy Beverages are available now. They are part of the Starbucks menu all year long. Check with stores for availability and pricing.