Starbucks Summer Berry beverage captures summer dreaming in every sip

Trio of new Starbucks Summer beverages, Summer-Berry
Trio of new Starbucks Summer beverages, Summer-Berry / Starbucks

While the color might be blue, the feeling while sipping that Starbucks Summer Berry beverage is joyous. This first summer sipper might have had everyone running to get that first taste but there is a bigger conversation that might be overlooked.

Starbucks always tries to be the leader, not the following in the beverage conversation. Although some people may not have jumped on the oil-olive infused coffee bandwagon, it did not matter. The concept opened a conversation to what can be poured into the glass.

With the Starbucks Summer Berry beverages, it is more than just a refreshing, colorful menu item. It is a way to take a food trend and make it “Starbucks-fied.”

First and foremost, the new summer Starbucks beverages are quite enjoyable. For anyone who wanted a more coconut forward the Summer Skies Drink will quickly become their favorite. Even before the liquid hits the lips, the aroma of tropical delights creates anticipation. It is sweet and fruity.

With the popping pearls, the combination of coconut milk and raspberry almost feels dessert like, similar to a great cookie that has a dollop of jam to contrast the nuttiness. When the sip hits with a pearl, it is like a little treasure which makes you go back for more.

The other two summer beverages still have a sweetness, but they are more subtle. Although there may not be a huge difference between the Summer-Berry Starbucks Refreshers and the Summer-Berry Lemonade Starbucks Refreshers, both are lovely for a mid-afternoon treat.

Whether paired with other food or sipped on their own, they are delicious. The sweetness might be more pronounced than other beverages. Still, the flavor is approachable enough for a wide audience.

While the beverages make for a great photo, it is more than just the social share that entice the purchase. It is the fun that comes with drinking it. Beyond the popping pearls, people want a drink that is uncomplicated. The appearance might seem otherwise, but the taste is straight forward. Berry, sweet, and a tad tart are the primary concepts. In a world where it seems like the whole kitchen sink gets thrown into the glass, it can be nice to take a step back.

At the same time, the new summer beverages lean into what Starbucks does best. It finds a way to take a trend yet make it special for its brand. While these new beverages do have popping pearls, Starbucks made it about being the first blue drink and focused on the color, fun, and flavor. Yes, the popping pearls were part of it, but it was not just another addition to the bottom of the glass.

While it can be assumed that additional beverages with popping pearls will hit the menu in the future, it would be wise for Starbucks to make those offerings special, unique, or limited time options. Would many people love a pumpkin spice popping pearl, most definitely. Could that idea be on the horizon? Who knows, but that type of limited time offering would be better than having coffee popping pearls all year round.

For now, the Starbucks Summer berry beverages are here to brighten up the day. But, like that summer tan that seems to fad far too quickly, these beverages will only be here for a limited time.