Subway Dippers captures guests craving for hand-held menu options

New Subway Dippers
New Subway Dippers / Subway

Another new menu item is rolling out at the popular quick service restaurant. Subway Dippers are a hot, tasty hand-held option that adds a little interactive dipping fun with every satisfying bite.

Over the past several months, Subway has revitalized its menu and stores. While these changes might have started with elevating core food items, the quick service restaurant brand understands that innovation is key to keeping guests engaged.

The Sidekicks offerings gave the classic subs a food pairing. Also, they served as a snack option. The versatility of the visually compelling and easy to eat food made them a fast hit.

Additionally, Subway added Wraps. Made with a new bread, the idea played into customers’ preference for hand-held options and easy to eat on the go choices. Since portability is important, ensuring that the menu covers all the basis is key.

The new Subway Dippers capture a few food trends. They are portable, easy to eat, and cost effective. Priced at just $3, the value is definitely a big seller.

Subway Dippers
Three new Subway Dippers hit the menu / Subway

Speaking about the Subway Dippers, Doug Fry, President of Subway North America said, “Subway’s all-new Dippers embody the changes Subway has made over the past few years by elevating our food and guest experience to better meet the needs of today’s diner – balancing their love for the iconic footlong alongside our commitment to convenience, crave and value. Our guests devoured nearly 30 million Sidekicks since their debut in January and they will find all 33 flavor combinations of Dippers for $3 to be equally irresistible.”

According to Subway, the Dippers are available in three options, Pepperoni & Cheese, Chicken & Cheese and Double Cheese. Each one is served hot and wraps up the ingredients in the brand’s signature lavash-style bread.

Additionally, the Dippers are served with one of the 11 Signature Subway sauces. Since guests can mix and match the food and the sauce, the new menu item is always fresh. From experimentation to sticking with a favorite, guests feel like they are customizing the food as they wish.

Adding this simple roll-up type menu item is smart for Subway. It is a bigger trend that seems to be taking over quick service restaurant world. Menu expansion is not necessarily adding a totally new product. Instead, it builds on ingredients that are already part of the menu.

In this case, the lavash-style bread is used in the wraps. The ingredients inside the roll-up are part of other subs, and the dips are part of the regular menu. When a food brand can use current ingredients and reimagine them in an engaging way, it is a win for both the restaurant brand and the customer.

The new Subway Dippers are available now. Check with local restaurants for availability.