Subway Wraps pack a lot of ingredients into a handheld meal

Subway Wraps, Cali Caprese
Subway Wraps, Cali Caprese / Cristine Struble

Although the iconic Subway subs will always be a mainstay of the quick service restaurant brand’s menu, the new Subway Wraps are more than just a change in the bread component. For the person who has a hearty appetite and wants more protein, these handheld meals satisfy.

Many people have their favorite, standard, or go-to Subway order. Whether they call out the name or prefer to say a number, many people rarely stray away from at Italian BMT or Chicken Teriyaki.

Although tried and true Subway fans might be distraught if they favorite sub changed or disappeared from the menu, the food company understands that menus need to evolve. From changing consumer habits to trends, that classic sub can sit side by side with Sidekicks and the new Subway Wraps. From the person who might want to switch up the food order on occasion to the new guest who prefers a particular sandwich style, the reality is that menu evolution is key to staying fresh in the QSR space.

With the new Subway Wraps, the biggest change is the bread component. While many QSR brands rollout the tortilla, Subway chose to use a lavash-style flatbread. While the bread is quite flexible, it is a little heartier than a traditional tortilla. In addition, the texture provides a nice contrasting texture to the wraps’ ingredients.

Subway Wraps
Subway Wraps / Cristine Struble

As part of the launch, the Wraps are available in four options, Homestyle Chicken Salad, Honey Mustard Chicken, Turkey, Bacon & Avocado, and Cali Caprese. While those flavors work well on the lavash-style bread, each one is its own unique experience.

Although everyone will have their own personal preference, the Cali Caprese should instantly become a top choice. While the wrap is almost like having a handheld salad, it has a wonderful balance of flavors and textures. Although the addition of some black olives or another salty note might be nice, the spinach, tomato, and mozzarella are light yet filling. Personally, this wrap does not need the red onion, as it can sometimes dominate the other flavors, but the dual dressings are a nice flavor component.

Subway Wraps Turkey Bacon Avocado
Subway Wraps Turkey Bacon Avocado / Cristine Struble

A second favorite is the Turkey, Bacon and Avocado. A take on the tradition club sandwich, the peppercorn ranch sauce brings together the whole bite. Although a pickle or some type of acid component could bring some brightness to the overall flavor, the wrap is quite enjoyable. Hopefully, your Subway artist is as thoughtful as mine with the build. It is vital to having a well composed, complete bite.

As the only wrap or sub without cheese, the Homestyle Chicken Salad is quite filling. It can be quite hard to eat the whole wrap. Packed with freshly made chicken salad, the addition of cucumbers is a nice choice to add some crunch. Although some people might long for a sweet or nutty element in the mix, this wrap feels classic, traditional. Sometimes a QSR menu needs a taste of those nostalgic dishes.

Lastly, the Honey Mustard Chicken is the only warm wrap on the menu. It is smart for Subway to offer at least one warm option in this menu line. While the wrap has tanginess, consider adding some pickles (or jalapenos) to break up the flavor. These ingredient swaps might offer a little more balance than the red onions.

Subway Wraps Cali Caprese
Subway Wraps, Cali Caprese / Cristine Struble

Overall, the Subway Wraps are a good menu addition. Given that more people want convenient, easy to eat food that can be enjoyed on the go, a wrap makes sense. The different bread sets Subway apart from the masses and that aspect is important.

The only downside is the dual open ends. While getting a peak into the inside makes for a great visual, it does require a careful build by the sandwich artist. Also, a little care with eating them is a smart choice. While the wraps are well wrapped in paper, no one wants to spill anything while eating that meal on the go.

The new Subway Wraps are available in restaurants. Check with each location for availability and pricing.