The summer spritz gets filthy with the Dirty Monte

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From the Aperol Spritz to the Hugo Spritz, few people can resist that refreshing libation. It is time to shake up that flavor with a dirtier taste. Ready to sip on the Dirty Monte?

Light, refreshing cocktails are often summer staples. While rose all day filled glasses, the spritz has taken over the trend conversation. Channeling the Italian coast, the vibrantly colored and flavored cocktail is enjoyable on a leisurely afternoon, before dinner, or any time of the day.

Many people think of the orange garnish nestled between the ice cubes in the glass. In Venice, olives are paired with the citrus. The salty note highlights the herbal flavors as well as the sweetness in the glass.

For people who want to amplify that briny flavor, the Dirty Monte cocktail is a great option. Suggested by the iconic Italian amaro, Amaro Montenegro, the Dirty Monte is a twist on a traditional dirty martini.

Similar to how the classic martini gets a splash of olive brine, this cocktail has extra salinity. Similar to how salt highlights sweetness in recipes, the olive brings out the subtly of the herbal notes in the amaro. It makes an easy drinking cocktail even more sippable.

Here’s how to make a Dirty Monte.


3 ounces sparkling wine

1½ ounces Amaro Montenegro

 ½ ounce green olive brine

1 ounce club soda

1 orange slice for garnish

1 green olive for garnish


In a large wine glass filled halfway with ice, combine all ingredients, adding the club soda last. Stir gently and briefly. Garnish with a thin half-moon slice of orange and an olive.

When serving this cocktail, consider pairing it with some focaccia or a few slices of cheese. For a more substantial meal, a light pasta would be equally as tasty for a food pairing.

The Dirty Monte is a great example a savory cocktail. As more people step away from the fruity concoctions, briny, herbal, or even umami flavors bring an interesting flavor to the glass. It is not drinking a meal, but it offers more variety than just another tropical delight.

Ready to sip on a Dirty Monte? What other savory cocktails pique your interest?