Taco Bell Cravings Kits bring menu favorites to the home kitchen

Taco Bell Cravings Kits Crunchwrap Supreme and Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla
Taco Bell Cravings Kits Crunchwrap Supreme and Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla / Taco Bell

When that hunger for a Crunchwrap Supreme hits, the closed sign on the local Taco Bell restaurant is no longer a barrier. With the new Taco Bell Cravings Kits, anyone and everyone can make a Crunchwrap Supreme or Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla in their own kitchen.  

From Mexican Pizzas to making a meal more palatable with its various hot sauces, many people have recreated their favorite Taco Bell menu items at home. While these items might be close to the original, the food was missing a little something. Even though no one needs that burrito to be wrapped in paper for it to taste better, there is a slight note that hits just a differently.  

With the new Taco Bell Cravings Kits, home cooks have everything that they need to bring that quick service restaurant experience home. It might not exactly be that Jimmy Fallon Wrap Me Up Crunchwrap Supreme, but it does hit all the right flavor notes.  

As Danielle Coopersmith, Associate Director of Marketing for Taco Bell at Home, said “A partnership founded on a mutual obsession with their consumers, Kraft Heinz and Taco Bell created the Taco Bell at Home line to bring signature and crave worthy Taco Bell offerings and flavors straight to the grocery aisle and allow fans to make Taco Bell their way. Grounded in this core mission, our innovation strategy focuses on creating new products inspired by beloved Taco Bell classics that encourage fans to customize their at-home creations and take them to new heights.” 

Taco Bell Crave Kits
Taco Bell Crave Kits / Taco Bell

While the kit comes with the essentials, cooks can add their preferred protein. In addition, they can customize the kits how they please. It will be interesting to see how cooks share their Taco Bell creations. The kit might be the starting point, but the customizations could spark a whole other conversation.  

Adding these two options to the Taco Bell at home food line-up appears to be the first of several offerings in 2024. Although it might be difficult to bring that chalupa to the home kitchen, a Mexican Pizza would be an easy option. If somehow those cinnamon twists could be part of the kit, the whole meal would be complete.  

The new Taco Bell Cravings Kits, part of the At Home line from the Kraft Heinz Company, hit Walmart shelves now and will be sold online as well. Each kit includes four servings. Suggested pricing can be found via the retailers.