Taco Bell Nacho Fries: Could Jalapeno Ranch Nacho Fries be the best flavor yet?

Taco Bell Jalapeño Ranch Nacho Fries
Taco Bell Jalapeño Ranch Nacho Fries / Taco Bell

When Taco Bell Nacho Fries debuted in 2018, the food item became an instant success. As Jalapeno Ranch Nacho Fries hit the menu, the newest offering might be the best flavor yet.

Even though people love their Chalupa or grab 10 tacos for a late-night craving, the reality is that Nacho Fries are as vital to the quick service restaurant’s menu as is Baja Blast. It is an offering which is unique to Taco Bell. The menu item might have started as a one-time offering, but people cannot get enough.

While the initial offering was relatively simple, the food item has evolved over the years. From collaborations with brands like Truff, Aardvark, and Yellowbird to 7-Layer Nacho Fries and Steak Chile Verde, the simple dish can transform itself in many ways. Actually, it might be the most versatile food item that Taco Bell sells.

Starting on July 18, Jalapeno Ranch Nacho Fries hit the men. With this version, the crisp, seasoned fries are topped with a creamy Jalapeno Ranch. To be clear, this ranch is not just the buttermilk condiment with some jalapeno pieces folded into it. There is an infusion of red jalapeno, pasilla peppers, and spices.

Overall, the flavor is bold yet still approachable. The creaminess of the ranch does temper the spice slightly, but the heat is still apparent.

Given that the food item can be customized with either seasoned beef or black beans, the ranch makes for a heartier flavor. Even if this menu item disappears, it could inspire some people to create their own menu hack at home. Does anyone else smell a new social media trend?

Looking at the previous offerings, this particular flavor should appeal to a wider audience. Ranch is always a popular choice. Even though the other hot sauce brands have a loyal fan base, some people might not be familiar.

Everyone will have to order these Nacho Fries on July 18 to determine where they fall on the favorite list. Priced at $4.49, it might even be worth buying two orders.