Tony Hawk wants everyone to try this Starbucks coffee trick at home

Tony Hawk for Starbucks
Tony Hawk for Starbucks / Starbucks

Tony Hawk is a sports legend and a cold coffee fan. While he has dropped into amazing stunts and epic rides, his latest offering is one that anyone, at any skills level, can master. With Starbucks, it is time to upgrade that cold coffee one pour at a time.

When a professional masters a task, it can be visually impressive. Tony Hawk has flown through the air and twisted in pretzel-like ways. While he makes ever grab, flip, and move look effortless, that impeccable moment comes after months, years, and more of training. Care, craft, and dedication can make the difficult look simple.

Stepping away from the world of extreme sports, the food community appreciates that a quality product is the foundation for great flavor. Even with impeccable technique or visually precise plating, those elements cannot transform a bad tasting food.

Starbucks has, and continues to be, that quality coffee that people want. While the baristas can shake stunning colorful concoctions at stores, the home kitchen is not a barren coffee wasteland. With its Starbucks Iced Coffee Blends and Starbucks Cold Brew Concentrations, the foundation is poured for a great tasting beverage.

As seen in its latest promotion, Starbucks and Tony Hawk are encouraging everyone to “try this at home.” Instead of relying on social media hype or the “secret hack” by someone who does not know a coffee bean from a jellybean, let the professionals guide that flavorful beverage.

Even if the Starbucks At Home might be “too easy,” the reality is that it should be. Instead of waiting 24 hours for the grounds to steep or having to go through 100 steps, this idea is about letting the product speak for itself. Sometimes the simplest idea is the one that resonates with everyone.

From Starbucks Cold Brew Multi-Serve Concentrate in Dark Chocolate Hazelnut and Sweetened Black to the K-Cups designed to be brewed over ice, there is an option for any preference. Plus, the simplicity allows people at home to focus on more complicated things, like does Tony Hawk really have a skateboard ramp in his kitchen.

It is time to change the conversation about cold coffee. Grab some ice, a glass, and Starbucks. The flavor could have you feeling head over heels about the taste.