Top Chef Season 21 episode 6 exclusive clip: Matty Matheson channels chaos cuisine

Kristen Kish and Matty Matheson on Top Chef Season 21 episode 6
Kristen Kish and Matty Matheson on Top Chef Season 21 episode 6 / Bravo

After setting the table with a masterful supper club, this Top Chef Season 21 episode 6 exclusive clip opens the conversation to chaos cuisine. With the help of Matty Matheson, Judges Table will have a spirited conversation.

Throughout this Top Chef Wisconsin season, the guest judges have added another element to each challenge. While the Wisconsin culinarians add some local flair, the well-known chefs bring another level of personality to the critiques.

According to Bravo, Top Chef Season 21 episode 6, features the following:

"The chefs are shocked by a 'Last Chance Kitchen' surprise that changes the game. Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi joins Kristen for a sweet Quickfire that requires the chefs to create a dairy-forward dessert. For the Elimination Challenge, the chefs must serve a dish that exemplifies chaos cuisine. The judges are joined by “The Bear” actor and chef Matty Matheson and chef Sofia Roe."

While the cheftestants might be surprised with the Last Chance Kitchen twist, the reality is that it does not matter who is cooking. It is the chef who follows the brief and executes the best dish who will always earn praise at the Judges Table. The goal is to be the best and never be told to pack those knives.

In this exclusive clip provided to FoodSided, the Judges Table brings together an eclectic group of chefs who are never afraid to push the envelope or say what is on their mind.

Check out the Top Chef Season 21 episode 6 exclusive clip.

As seen in this clip, Matty Matheson tries to describe the Elimination Challenge theme. While fans of The Bear will instantly recognize the celebrated Canadian chef as Neil Fak, Matheson earned his culinary notoriety long before people were craving “The Beef.” Matheson had numerous celebrated restaurants and has captivated people’s palates and imagination for years.

Also joining Tom Colicchio, Kristen Kish, Gail Simmons, and Matheson are Sophia Roe and Philip Foss of EL Ideas. In addition to being a James Beard award winning chef, many people will remember Sophia from her show, Counter Space. Her creative approach has many people thinking differently about food.

Philip Foss and EL Ideas, the Michelin Star Chicago restaurant, have pushed diners’ boundaries. While his explanation of taking the familiar and presenting it in an unexpected way might seem chaotic, there is deliciousness in the unexpected. Seeing food in a new light excites people.

How the cheftestants present a dish that captures “chaos cuisine” will have people talking for the rest of the season. Like many other elements in Top Chef Wisconsin, this revitalized season is ready, willing, and able to push culinary boundaries. Hopefully, the judges’ advice of “you be you” comes through in these chaotic plates.

Be sure to watch Top Chef Season 21 episode 6, Wednesday, April 24 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo. The episode can be streamed the next day on Peacock.