Tournament of Champions Season 5 finale: Which chef will earn the title?

Tournament of Champions Season 5 finale
Tournament of Champions Season 5 finale / Food Network

With $150,000, the belt, and the title on the line, Tournament of Champions Season 5 finale has four chefs hoping victory will be theirs. Which one will impress the panel of judges in this Food Network culinary competition?

According to Food Network, the Tournament of Champions Season 5 finale features the following: “Guy Fieri challenges the final four culinary titans with two epic semifinal battles, where the two chefs left standing will face off in one final head-to-head championship showdown. Their dishes will be judged by five culinary legends, and only one chef will earn the belt, the coveted title, and the biggest prize in TOC history -- $150,000.”

Looking at the four remaining chefs, one pattern continues in Tournament of Champions, women rule the kitchen. With three of the four finalists being women, the streak of a woman winner could continue.

In the East Bracket, Season 2 winner Maneet Chauhan will take on Britt Rescigno. While Maneet always brings innovative flavors and bold interpretations, she has not been perfect this season. It might depend on a favorable spin from the Randomizer for her to potentially become a two-time champion.

Britt has excelled, yet again, on Tournament of Champions. While she might have been last year’s Cinderella story, she is no one hit wonder. After the last round’s pasta dish, she has proven to be a force in the Food Network kitchen.

The West Bracket is another tough battle. With Antonia Lofaso taking on Jet Tila, both chefs are hungry for their first win. Antonia had two rough seasons. In Tournament of Champions Season 5, she has been on fire. Maybe it is her lucky Converse sneakers that will help her earn the victory.

As the last male chef standing, Jet Tila has come close, but the title still eludes him. Given his vast culinary knowledge and ability to adapt in the moment, he is capable of pulling out a big win. In Tournament of Champions season 4, he was so close to the belt. Could this round finally be his season?

For the finale, there will be more twists and turns to push the four remaining chefs. From a larger panel of judges to a new category on the Randomizer, there is a reason why Guy Fieri calls this Food Network show the hardest culinary competition.

Ready to watch the Tournament of Champions Season 5 finale? The episode airs Sunday, April 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Food Network. The episode can be streamed the next day on MAX.