Truly Tequila Soda brings the celebration with its Fiesta Pack

Truly Tequila Soda cocktail idea
Truly Tequila Soda cocktail idea / Truly

Whether it is a sunny summer day or Cinco de Mayo, everyone is ready to celebrate. Truly Tequila Soda brings a new flavor to the glass, and it is time to toast to the festive fun.

A few years ago, hard seltzers dominated the beverage conversation. The effervescent alcoholic beverages were flavorful alternatives to beer and an easy pour in lieu of a cocktail. But, the thirst for those bubbly beverages has waned. Now, spirit focused ready to drink cocktails are taking over.

Truly Tequila Soda is one of those ready to drink cocktails that people have been grabbing off the shelf. Whether it is a bubbly alternative to a margarita or a fruit forward sip that brings a taste of the tropics, the latest offering from the beverage brand has quickly found an audience.

Since this ready to drink cocktail is made with real blanco tequila, Truly wanted to offer a play on a classic tequila legend, the worm in the bottom of the bottle. Although some people might take swallowing that insect as a food dare, some people would prefer to get a boost of protein from a different source.

To offer a “worm” option that might be more palatable to many, the  Truly Tequila Soda Fiesta Pack comes with some Truly Chamoy Gummy Worms. While gummy worms are always a treat, this particular offering is unique.

For those unfamiliar with chamoy, it is usually a condiment. The flavor is a combination of sweet and spicy. The sweet comes from various dried fruits. The spicy comes from dried chiles. From a drizzle on nachos to marinating meat, there are many uses. Additionally, the flavor is used in candy.

With the Truly Chamoy Gummy Worms, the fun cocktail garnish adds not only some whimsy to the drinking experience but a bold flavor. Whether submerged in the bottom of a glass or dangling from the rim, the candy addition will get people talking.

The special chamoy candy pairs well with any of the Truly Tequila Soda flavors. While the lime might be a classic, the Pineapple Guava with the sweet, sour and spicy is quite delicious. It might inspired a food pairing, as well.

For example, instead of just serving a chicken taco with a tropical salsa, consider a fresh, vibrant shrimp ceviche. A little crunch from a jicama, freshness from cilantro, heat from jalapeno, and sweetness from the shrimp works well with the Truly Tequila Soda with chamoy candy garnish.

This food and beverage pairing idea is just one of many options that can be served. Why not buy some extra cans and shake up a flavorful conversation all summer long.

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