Tsingtao toasts the Year of the Dragon with beer infused cocktails

Tsingtao Lunar New Year inspired beer cocktails
Tsingtao Lunar New Year inspired beer cocktails / Tsingtao

As the Lunar New Year approaches, many people are looking to enjoy some food and beverages to celebrate the Year of the Dragon. Tsingtao has collaborated with some New York based restaurants to offer beer infused cocktails and dishes to celebrate the holiday.  

Celebrating the Lunar New Year can take on many forms. Whether people enjoy good luck food during a special dinner or exchange red envelopes, the combination of tradition and culture is important.  

Since food and beverage pairings have become a favorite with many people, Tsingtao has partnered with several New York City restaurants to offer beer infused cocktails in honor of the Year of the Dragon. While some people might be familiar with shandy, but beer cocktails are not the same. These offerings are complex yet never lose the beer quality that people want.  

According to Steve Hauser, CEO and president of Paulaner USA, the US distributor of Tsingtao, expresses his excitement for this festive initiative: "The Lunar New Year is a time of renewal and celebration. Tsingtao's collaboration with these esteemed restaurants reflects the multifaceted nature of Chinese cuisine and the communal spirit of the occasion. Together, we are crafting a narrative that not only highlights the culinary prowess of these establishments but also the shared joy and prosperity that Tsingtao brings to tables across the city." 

What are some of the Tsingtao beer infused cocktails for Year of the Dragon?  

From January 30 through February 12, New York City’s innovative Chinese restaurants, Hutong, MáLà Project, Milu, and Hunan Slurp, will be pouring various Tsingtao beer infused cocktails to celebrate the holiday. For those located in the area, these specialty cocktails should not be missed. If a trip to NYC is not in the cards, a take on the creative cocktails could be recreated at home.  


"Xingréng Pijiu"  

While some people might be familiar with a michelada, this cocktail has some similarities. The cocktail combines Tsingtao with tomato juice, Maggi seasoning. The glass is garnished with spices, Tajin, and ground Sichuan red peppercorn as well as a red chili and a dehydrated yuzu wheel.  

"Qingfu Pijiu"

Beer pairs well with sweet and spicy flavors. This cocktail combines the Tsingtao with passion fruit puree, honey, yuzu and a touch of Sichuan red peppercorn spice. It is sweet, spicy, and quite refreshing.  

MáLà Project (all four locations)

White Jade  

Instead of using the beer, this cocktail combines a Tsingtao Beer Syrup with white rum, spiced ginger tea, and lemon. It is slightly earthy and a hint sweet.  

Chino Barrio 

This cocktail combines Tsingtao Beer, bourbon, pineapple and bird-eye chili pepper. It hits all the flavors for a well balanced cocktail.  

Dragon Dance  

A take on an Aperol Spritz, this beer cocktail might start a new trend. With grapefruit, honey and beer, it is quite refreshing.  



A take on a shandy, this beer cocktail combines Tsingtao beer with umeshu, sherry, and lime. It might have shandy in the name, but it does pack a strong punch.  

As the celebration nears, raise a glass to the Year of the Dragon with any of these beer cocktails. It is a sip worthy of the occasion.