Uber Go Get announcements show a focus on food and togetherness

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Uber Lists / Uber

From going out to dinner with friends to exploring a new city, food is that spark that brings people together. As seen in the 2024 Uber Go Get announcements, the company is making it easier to enjoy a bite of the best flavors.

While many people use Uber to get from one place to another, the company appreciates that connections can be more meaningful when they happen face to face. As the long, isolated days that filled recent years fade into the past, people want to connect, explore, and leave the couch behind. Uber wants to curate concepts that take the guesswork out of finding the best local restaurant or streamline the purchases for the next big gathering.

In addition to ideas like Uber Caregiver and Uber Shuttle, the 2024 Uber Go Get announcements revealed Uber Lists. The concept helps both the local and the visitor discover dining destinations. From the best place to grab late night ramen to the family friendly restaurant that appeals to all ages, the curated lists feature suggestions from both friends and people in the know.

Given that food is the common connector, the Uber Lists invites people to explore a city. While this idea is extremely helpful when traveling, it also invites locals to see beyond their go-to, favorite spots. It can be easy to get into a rut or check the box at the hottest restaurant in town. Finding that hidden gem or supporting a business that has been around for decades is vitally important to local communities.

While many people love exploring food and culture through dining out, hosting a big gathering can foster connections with family and friends. Uber announced a partnership with Costco. Although some people might love strolling the aisles and enjoying a sample, others prefer to simplify the process. The ability to order everything for the summer barbecue or even an impromptu Friday night street party makes decisions effortless for the consumer.

Lastly, Uber understands that all its users can benefit from saving money. Uber One for Students is an idea that will quickly become a must purchase. The membership option is discounted for students. Priced at $4.99 or $48 a year, college students can save on those late-night cravings, fuel for study sessions, and a variety of other items. With additional daily discounts from favorite brands like Starbucks, Taco Bell, and more, going back to school just got tastier.

Overall, the 2024 Uber Go Get announcements have an connecting theme. The brand wants to streamline the process so that its app is always front of mind. If a consumer can find a dining destination, do one stop shopping, and help their college student get a reprieve from cafeteria dining, it enhances customer loyalty.

More information on all the new Uber programs can be found online and in the app.