The ultimate game day cheeseboard scores a win with all football fans

While the Cheeseheads might always have a wide array of Wisconsin Cheese at their tailgate, the ultimate game day cheeseboard has all football fans cheering for another bite during the big game.
Spicy Game Day Cheeseboard
Spicy Game Day Cheeseboard / Wisconsin Cheese

Whether it is the big game, a regular game day, or just any Sunday, Wisconsin Cheese has a flavorful, favorite, or even innovative option that will score with everyone gathering around the table. Even though those Cheeseheads might wear a wedge on their heads, there is never a hole on that overflowing plate because the bounty of cheesy-goodness is great.  

According to Wisconsin Cheese, the award winning cheesemakers offer 600 types of cheeses. Although math and food might not be a chapter in school, the multitude of combinations creates 214 million cheeseboard options. Although that number would take decades to enjoy every combination, it does ensure that no two game day cheeseboards could be the same.  

As Suzanne Fanning, CMO of Wisconsin Cheese said, “With friends gathered around the TV and taste buds craving something extraordinary, Wisconsin Cheese is here to elevate the game day experience with artisan cheeses for a vast array of cheeseboard combinations. Wisconsin crafts 50% of the nation's specialty cheese, which means The State of Cheese has the award-winning cheeses to make every spread score points with fans of any team." 

Bacon Sriracha cheese football
Bacon Sriracha cheese football / Wisconsin Cheese

What flavorful game day cheeseboard will be the hit of the big game gathering?  

With a plethora of possibilities, narrowing down the options is key. Even though Wisconsin Cheese holds the World Record for the Largest Cheeseboard, that momentous size is not practical for the home table.  

Picking a flavor theme is key. For example, spicy is an easy choice. From fiery jalapeno infused choices paired with some wasabi peas and even some pepper crackers would be a nice combination. And, spicy does not always have to be extreme. It might be a classic pepper jack contrasting an intense ghost pepper, there is an option for every heat tolerance.  

Also, pair that spice with another favorite flavor. For example, the Bacon Sriracha Cheese Football recipe is not only a great visual but a flavor that will have everyone getting a third or fourth serving.  

On the other end of the spectrum, why not skip the cookies and cake for a dessert cheeseboard. Showcasing some of the Crave Brothers Mascarpone would be delightful. Consider pairing the chocolate mascarpone with some Biscoff cookies for a perfect bite.  

There are almost limitless food pairing possibilities to make the ultimate game day cheeseboard. Wisconsin Cheese might not have a home state team playing for the big game trophy, but it does score a win in the day’s food competition.